Orb Of Endless Thought

Aura: major CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp; Weight: - ;


This four inch sphere is comprised of quick-silver bound in a magical sphere of force. It resonates with a nearly inaudible hum and vibrates slightly. When holding this orb one can hear dozens of voices whispering in their mind. If the user concentrates on the voices they will enter into an ethereal network of minds connected by these magical orbs. A question can be put into this unconscious network, and the collective intelligence will go to work trying to answer the question. The users of the orbs aren't directly aware of the specific questions asked of them. The magic simply searches the memmories and knowledge of the bearer for any relevant information. The network cannot predict the future, or provide knowledge that couldn't possibly be known by anyone within it. Instead, the collective intelligence reasons out the most likely conclusion based upon all the information it is given. The query is answered in 1d10 minutes, or could take more or less time if the GM so deems. The answer is 80% likely to be completely accurate. The answer cannot take longer than one minute to relay to the user. Thus, the most pertinent and relevant information is provided first, with finer details and extraneous information coming last. Many sages do not like making use of these Orbs as they fear that there is some piracy of personal knowledge being done in this ethereal brain trust. Some even speculate that this may in-fact be a feeding device of some terrible creature that thrives off of mental energies. Despite these misgivings there are still many sages who prize the Orbs of Endless Thought and some spend hours daily just posing questions.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, ; Cost ?,000 gp

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