Orb Of Mental Repose

Aura: minor/moderate/major CL: 12
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp/ ?,000 gp/ ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


This dark blue crystal sphere is about eight inches in diameter and seems to be lit with its own inner light. When held and full concentration is given to the orb, the bearer begins to recover lost spell energy. One spell level is recovered for every ten minutes the Orb is held. Time must still be taken to prepare spells, but in this way the bearer of this orb may recover spells without the usual need for sleep. While recovering spell energy the bearer finds it difficult to focus on external events. Concentration on the orb can only be broken at will every ten minutes. Breaking concentration between these periods requires a concentration check as if casting a 5th level spell in combat, with all applicable benefits and penalties as detailed in the Pathfinder Handbook. Failure means the bearer cannot break his concentration on the orb, even if he is aware of what is going on around him.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, ; Cost ?,000 gp/ ?,000 gp / ?,000 gp

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