Orog= Gelvani word for "orc"
Kahn= Gelvani word for "war"

The Orog'Kahn are a series of wars fought between the Gelvani and the orcs. They have been waged for thousands of years. There have been four major Orog'Kahn.

The First Orog'Kahn
In which the Gelvani drove the Orcs out of Gelvanmyr

The Second Orog'Kahn
In which

The Third Orog'Kahn
In which Gamorgh drove the orcs to invade Gelvanmyr. The scale of the struggle was such that the Quel-Thena of Mirivia was forced to seek an alliance with the Duneimen to obtain victory. The price she paid—the agreement to teach humans the art of Shamora or Magic, was the cause of the Grey-Gelvani leaving Mirivia and thus beginning the disolution of Gelvanmyr.

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