Holy warriors, serving their deity and beliefs to the last breathe of their lives. Paladins are more than just knights; they are the embodiment of all that is good and honorable. What makes a paladin is unquestioned faith and an unwavering drive to see good, justice and truth in all the world.
Paladins are always rare. For a person to be a paladin they must be the wisest, the strongest, and the most charismatic. However, despite how rare they are, there are many great orders of Paladins in the world. Most knighthoods do not require their knights to be paladins, but there are a few in which only Paladins may excel in ranks. The Knights of Thamor are only one example of a Paladin based knightly order. Paladins can be found in most human, gelvani and duervan societies. They are exceptionally rare or even unique in all others.

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