Pipe Of Contemplation

PIPE OF CONTEMPLATION (woundrous magical item)
Aura: moderate transmutation CL: 7th
Slot: none ; Price: 27,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


This smoking pipe’s bowl is carved from the bone of a dragon to resemble the wizened face of an ancient sage. Its dark wood stem is encircled with finely burned runes. Filling and lighting a pipe takes a full round action, and any herb within will burn for ten minutes before being expended. Imbibing smoke from a Pipe of Contemplation as a full round action gives the character a temporary +2 to both intelligence and wisdom for the next three rounds. There are also rare combinations of herbs that, when imbibed using this pipe, grant other extraordinary powers (in addition to the attribute bonuses). Knowing the correct herbs to use requires a Knowledge, Nature (plants) check (DC varies). Finding the herbs in any region requires the same check. Only 1d4 uses of any such herb can be found in any one-mile radius location. These benefits are gained in only the three rounds immediately after a full round of imbibing the smoke of these precious herbs. There are eight known herbal effects:
Herbs of Perception: the character gains a +2 to all skill checks requiring perception (DC 14);
Herbs of Enhancement: the character’s caster level is increased by +1 (DC 16);
Herbs of Power: the DC for a saving throw check to overcome a caster’s spell is increased by +2 (DC 18);
Herbs of Iron Will: the character is impervious to mind-affecting spells and abilities (DC 22);
Herbs of Concentration: the character cannot lose concentration when casting a spell (DC 20);
Herbs of the Diviner: divination spells have twice the range and twice the duration (DC 24);


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, owl’s wisdom, fox’s cunning, command plants; Cost 13,500 gp

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