Population Sizes

Population is measured in three ways: Population Density, Realm/Region Population, and City Population.

Population Density

First a measurement of the average Population Density is given for the arable land. Arable land is any land that can be farmed.

Arable land assumes at 80% productivity each square mile of arable land can support up to 100 people. If there is a particularly abundant growth season then it could create an abundance. If there is a particularly poor growth season (drought) there could be a famine. If population density exceeds 120 per square mile, then the arable land cannot sustain the population and other means will be needed to meet the need, or a famine will begin.

Classification; population density range (average)
Unpopulated; 0/sq mile
Sparsley; 1-30/sq mile (20)
Lightly; 30-60/sq mile (40)
Moderately; 60-90/sq mile (80)
Heavily; 90-120/sq mile (100)
Overpopulated; 120-200/sq mile (120)

Realm/Region Population

Population Density is multiplied by the square miles of arable land in the realm/region to determine the overall population.

Overall population is a range, not an exact number. Population changes frequently. An average is given to give an approximation of the population at any given time.

The GM may adjust population sizes, despite arable land, depending on a variety of factors (war, famine, disease, cataclysmic events, etc…).

Classification; population range (average)
Small Realm/Region; 100,000-500,000 (200,000)
Medium Realm/Region 500,000-2 million (1 million)
Large Realm/Region 2 million-10 million (5 million)
Huge Realm/Region 10 million-50 million (10 million)

Settlement Populations

Each village, town or city will have an estimated population size. This is already counted into the total Realm Population. Again, this is a range with an average population. There is not an exact count.

The World of Naeja uses the Pathfinder RPG rules for population sizes of settlements, found here:
Pathfinder PRD Settlement sizes

The following chart adds notes on classification and average population.

Classification ; population range (average population)

Classification PF Settlement Type Population Range Average Population
Village Thorp <=20 12
Village Hamlet 21-60 40
Village Village 61-200 130
Town Small Town 201-2,000 1,100
Town Large Town 2,001-5,000 3,500
Minor City Small City 5,001-10,000 7,500
Major City Large City 10,001-25,000 17,500
Major City Metropolis >25,000 50,000

Classification: This is simply the category under the Realm section that this location would be listed. The exact Type will be indicated in the stat block.

Any city must have supporting land to supply its population. This is usually 1 square mile for each 100 residents of that city. In other words, since a city is a condensed location for the population, it assumes a heavy population density.

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