The title of the ruler of a Parthan Citadel.

Primi (plural of Primus) rule as - more or less - dictators, though their power is checked as necessary by the priesthood of Memnos and the Parthan Order. They are the focal point of their Citadel's politics, command its armies, and appoint its Archons.

The Primus' appointment is a divine mandate, and is always decided on by a conclave of the Great Citadel's priests. Most often this is following an evaluation of a Citadel's most promising citizens, but in some few instances an acknowledged prophet has revealed the gods' desire for a man to be Primus.

A Primus must always be male, and of unquestioned Parthan lineage. Certain families possess a legacy and bloodline that afford them prominence in Parthan society, but such birthright is not a prerequisite for one to be made Primus. If there are certain traits that the priests look for, they include ambition, military and political acumen, pragmatism, and ruthlessness. When one is made Primus, he retains his office for life… or until he is replaced.

A Primus can never, in fact, be legally deposed by any force other than that of the Order or the gods themselves. Any claimant to the throne of the Prima Palatia would thus be immediately declared a pretender working against the will of Memnos, and an enemy of all Parthans. This significantly curbs the ambitions of Archons and other powerful personages, but wars of assassins have been known to happen. After all, an Archon who sees his Primus murdered without knowledge of the deed falling on him, theoretically, on the short list of candidates to replace him - by merit of his position and experience.

The court of a Primus is comprised of a number of persons, fulfilling a variety of purposes, and bearing titles and offices that often have never been heard of in the wider Verosian world.

The Guards
Each Primus is attended to by a cohort of Agema Scholai, the elite bodyguards the Ronans came to know as "Centurions" during the Great War. The most prestigious such units (typically ones from one of the Great Citadels bear their own titles and heraldry, in addition to that of the Primus.

The most trusted men among the Agema Scholai are known as Hypaspists - "shield bearers". It is they who are given the privilege to stand in the Primus' immediate vicinity and serve as his final defense.

Ministers and Generals
A number of Archons serve as the Primus' political advisers and marshals on the battlefield.

  • The senior of the Archons in rank is known as the Archon Magister.
  • The Archon designated as commander of the Citadel's armies (second only to the Primus, of course) is known as the Archon Militum; the Archon Magister and Archon Militum are often - but not always - the same person.
  • The Censor is the Archon appointed to preside over and monitor any council or official gathering of the Archons. Almost always a staunch traditionalist, his role is to ensure such conclaves are ethical and in keeping with the dictates and laws of the Order. Should he find another Archon wanting in the face of the law, or discover hidden conclaves between Archons, his charge is to report them to the Primus and the priests of the Order.

There a number of administrative offices that are occupied by elders who can no longer fight… and thus cannot bear title and rank commensurate with military obligations. They include:

  • The Magister Palatia, who ensures the running of the Prima Palatia; he is chief over all the various slaves who serve the Primus, his household, and his guests.
  • The Chancellor, who - along with many other elders and slaves - maintains the extensive historical records of the Primus, the Citadel, and past Primi.
  • A number of Logothetes, each of whom is responsible for a portion of the Citadel's bureaucracy (to include taxation and the census; diplomacy and couriers; etc.).
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