Categories include but are not limited to:

Agriculture (Grains, Lumber, Produce, some tobacco)
Artificers (water clocks, dracons, hydraulic pumps, steam engines)
Arts and Crafts (Architectural Molding, Dress Makers, Jewelers, Sculpturer, Tailors)
Coastal (Salt Water: Fish, Crabs, Lobster, Shrimp, Sharks, Whales; Fresh Water: Fish, Clams, Water Fowl, River Otters, Eels)
Livestock (Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Work horses)
Military (Armor, Weapons, Horses)
Mining (Copper, Gold, Iron, Mithril, Silver, Zinc)
Urbanization (Textiles, Paper, Carpentry, Candles, Jewelry, Furnishings, Masonry)
Forges (Forged Metals, Cast Metals, Smelting of steel, Bronze, and Brass)
Trade (Maritime, Spices, Metals, Timber)

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