….. Our lives are controlled by fate and destiny, and the ability to foresee these is called prophecy. It is said all prophecy is inspired by the Elder Goddess Isati. The first prophecy she foretold predicted the rise of the greatest of Titans, who all fell into slumber long ago, during or before the Age of Ice.

….. There have been thousands of prophecies over the ages. Some are of little consequence while others foretell dramatic changes in the world. I have spent my millenia gathering the greatest of these prophecies and have concluded that the time Isati foretold, when the Titans would rise again, is coming nearer. There are seven great prophecies given to the mortal races to warn them of the impending doom.

….. It has been foretold through these seven prophecies that a war is coming. Upon the fifth great conjunction of this era, when the Star of Eraston pierces the Eye of Aminus, the Elder Titans, the Children of Elgar, will be awoken from their ancient slumber. Then they will raise an army like none seen since the Age of Titans, when the Duervan Gods battled them for dominion of this world. The gods, The Children of Naeja, will be called to arms, to battle the Titanic armies and save the Mortal Realm from total chaos and destruction. We will know the time approaches by seven signs, laid out in the prophecies told throughout the ages by various prophets. I, Omar the Red am the Sage of the Seven Prophecies. I have spent the thousands of years I have lived upon this world recording the fortellings of prophets from races and cultures all about this world. Here I have written down what I believe to be the complete and accurate interpretation of these Seven Prophecies.

….. The Seven Signs:

  • ….. The first sign will be the fall of a great kingdom, beginning an Age of Darkness. See The Dark Tides Prophecy.
  • ….. The second sign will be the return of the Titan of War, whose army shall preceed him and be a plague upon the world. See The Prophecy of Nalghivorn.
  • ….. The third sign will be a call of heroes, who will seek the three sisters born under the same stars but in different lands, each an oracle who holds one of the three secrets to attaining immortality. Those who succeed will be there when the Titans rise again. See The Prophecy of The Three Sisters.
  • ….. The fourth sign will be a battle between two peoples, the Valdar and the Skarrells, who both seek to possess a mighty spear that can defeat the Giants that will soon come to destroy their lands. Even their gods shall battle, as they seek to possess the Horn of Valor, which shall recall to arms all those great warriors who died in their service and will face the giants when the Titans rise agian. Only one of these two great cultures shall survive to see the coming War with the Titans. From amongst those who survive, a crown shall be forged and will be donned by the man who would be their king. See Prophecies of The Spear, The Horn and the Crown.
  • ….. The fifth sign shall be a time of three wars that will span the mortal world; all conflicts between purity and corrpution. Aibhistear, the Corruptor, seeks to seize control of the mortal world before the Great Conjunction, for reasons unknown, and his servants work to furnace these wars. See Prophecy of the Three Wars.
  • ….. The sixth sign has not yet been revealed, and I believe this prophecy may be the most important. See The Unknown Prophecy.
  • ….. The seventh sign will be the appearance of the Star of Eraston, a time when magic will change the world. This will occur towards the end of the fifth conjunction, marking the end of a 3600 year era. See The Prophecy of Eraston.

….. The first two of these prophecies have already been fulfilled. The Kingdom of Rona collapsed and the world has fallen into an Age of Darkness. In the year 1300 N.C., the Titan of War, Vornikar, was freed from his infernal prison by his Barukar servants. But at the moment of his rise two gods, Tiercellus the Gelvani Defender, and Gamorgh the Orc Lord of Death, joined forces to fell Vornikar back in the earth. He was defeated, but not imprisoned, and will be able to rise again upon the next great conjunction.

….. The presence of these Gods upon the world, though, has awoken other Titans; such as Gulatak, the Ogre Lord and Vanarim, the Bamorian War Lord. These Titans have begun building their armies. So, too, though, have the gods. They are choosing the greatest from amongst their faithful to stand at their sides, so that they will have an army equal to that of the Titans, and their giantish offspring. Some have already been chosen, but the enemy is many, and more are to be called.

….. Five prophecies remain. What secrets do they hold? The Oracles are speaking. The Gods are Calling. A war is coming. Where will your destiny lie?

Fulfilled Prophecies:
The Prophecy of Sha'Lok
The Dark Tides Prophecy
The Prophecy of Nalghivorn
The Prophecy of The Long Dark

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