Prophecies Of The Spear The Horn And The Crown

4. *Giant's Bane, Prophecy of war between the Skarrells and Valdar as they vie over a mythical "horn" to defeat the giants. Supposedly when this horn is sounded the dead warriors in the afterlife will return to battle the Giants. Thus both the Valdar and the Skarrells believe they must live lives of war and those who are the greatest will die and go to an afterlife where they continue to hone their skills, waiting for the day they will return to fight the giants. The prophecy says that only one of the two shall survive, though. Thus the Valdar and Skarrells believe they must battle each other to attain the horn. The Valdar believe the horn is somewhere in Old Camus and have come to seek it. They have invaded the Skarrellands and are searching for the horn. Another set of prophecies speak of an ancient spear. The mythical spear in question belonged to Vald, who was slain by Isen, and then Isen was slain by the children of Vald who consumed the blood of Isen (which was as ice water) and became the Isenjyr, the gods of the Valdar. No record states what happened to the spear, but there is a myth of Kalrik slaying an Ice Giant later who had a mighty spear and supposedly he wielded it against giants for some time. He lost the spear when his brother, Torik, challenged him to a contest. They were seeing who could throw their spear the furthest. Kalrik threw first and his spear fell to the earth far below and he never found it agian. Torik threw second and his spear was lightning and it went far and could not be lost. The spear is somewhere in Old Camus and many heroes, both Skarrell and Valdar, are seeking it. Even the druids don't know where it is.
The truth is, though, that the "Horn" is actually a spear. It is unclear what is meant by the "sounding" of the horn, but it may be when it first draws the blood of a titan.
The Prophecies of the Crown seem to confirm that only one of these two cultures will survive, and from them a King will arise to lead them into the last battle with the Giants.

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