Prophecy Of The Three Wars

5. The War against the Corrupted. With the Rise of the Ogre Kings, the prophecy telling of the return of Gulatak and Vanaram is fulfilled. A war begins between the Ogre Kingdoms and Bamoria. Bamoria calls upon Rona to aid it, eventually leading to Rona calling upon the other human realms and the Gelvani to aid them. This eventually will draw all the Children of Naeja into it; Duneimen, Duervar, Gelvani and even Folkin. The Duervar of the north also are brought into the battle, as too are the Azurians. The war ends up being between all evil races: Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Hobgoblins, gnolls, etc…; and all good races: Humans, Gelvani, Duervar, Folkin, Bamorians and even some of the Fey. Monarchs will arise that support this alliance, and fortune tells that if the uncorrupted are victorious all the races shall live in peace together until the return of the Titans.

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