The wilds of the world are a dangerous yet beautiful place. The world isn’t filled with cities, and those that there are, are like small islands in a sea of forests, fields, mountains and planes. Rangers are warriors who live within the wilds, learning to live off the land and are born with a connection to it that very few others could understand. Rangers believe in the cycle of life, and though they worship gods, they are much like druids in that they first worship nature. However, they do not believe in a balance. Some rangers serve the glory of good and others the power of evil.
In the lands of Verosia Rangers are very important. They are the protectors of the borders and provide a connection between the flora and fauna of the world and the intelligent races living within. Rangers are most common in human, gelvani, bamorian and hobgoblin societies. Though rangers can come from other humanoid and goblinoid races, they are rather rare and have unique belief structures.

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