Power: IG
Alignment: LG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods, Ronan Pantheon, The Parthan Order: Areahna
Titles: The Life Bringer, The Morning Star, Queen of the Gods, Matron of Spring, Maiden of Peace
Porfolio: Life, Spring, Healing, Peace, Dawn
Symbol: A morning dove alighting over a pale rising sun
Constellation: The Dove of Reahnyn, a seasonal constellation
Description: Reahnyn is the beloved goddess of the spring and dawn, bearer of the Gift of Life, it is she who gives life to all the world. Though other gods can create life, it is her primary duty to do so, and no other deity has the power to return someone to life after death. Reahnyn is a goddess of peace and healing. Through the power of life she can mends the wounds. Her powers are most prominent at dawn, when the first light of Orb of Sheliak appears upon the world.
Appearance: Reahnyn appears as a naturally beautiful woman with long raven hair and somewhat elven features. Her alabaster skin and ageless features radiate with the pale aura of dawn, and she is most often garbed in a flowing white gown adorned in golden embroidery depicting doves and spring flowers. In some instances, usually when representing her spring aspect, she appears with flowers surrounding her, blossoming in her hair and covering her naked form. Reahnyn has a beauty that is all her own, both simple yet perfect.
Personality: Reahnyn is a loving and caring goddess, who wishes only to spring forth new life, renew those who are sick and wounded, and bring happiness with each dawn. Unfortunately, the wicked ways of the world and her cruel treatment at the hands of Kalrik, have left her somewhat bitter. She despises war, and often refuses healing to those who revel in battle and seek out combat as a sport. She has pitty, though, upon those who are inadvertently caught up in war, or who fight to defend their homes and families. Reahnyn deeply loves all her children; Myrrha, Moryn, Kaladon, Kharthamus, and Danika. She loves Thamor, her chosen husband with all her spirit, and sits upon a throne beside him in Sanctues Divinae. She despises Kalrik and all his ways, having only been his bride for a time at the command of Naeja.
Powers: As goddess of life, Reahnyn is the only goddess of Intermediate power who can grant resurrection. Other gods may offer reincarnation, and those of other faiths might have similar gifts to grant, but of the Children of Naeja, they can only receive true resurrection through her. As bearer of the Gift of Life, Reahnyn is the creator of life on the mortal world, but despite this she has little control over what becomes living. Like the Gift of Light, which her sister Sheliak bears, it is spread over the world as the sunlight and she has little control over where it falls.
w/Kalrik: Morin and Myrrha
w/Thamor: Kharthamus, Kaladon, and Thamor's Daughter

After life: To humans, Reahnyn promotes the afterlife offered by the Ronan Pantheon. To Gelvani, Reahnyn promotes the afterlife offered by Gelthena. In the druidic faith, she supports Naeja's assertation of Reincarnation. In any other pantheon that may worship her, she has very little control of the afterlife.

Reahnyn is served by two of the 12 Chosen of Thamor; Aliana and

Worshipers: (short group names) description of worshipers
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to by a faithful worshiper, Reahnyn grants one of theses benefits
1/Round Ability: +4 Divine Bonus to any Healing skill check
1/Day Ability: Sanctuary, as per the spell, for 10 rounds.

Priests: The Daughters of Reahnyn are a priesthood of healers who promote pacifism and purity. They live in strict confine of their temples as acolytes until they attain priestly status. The order has two factions; the Sisters of Reahnyn and the Brothers of the Healing Hand. The Sisters are the most prominently known, as their Healing Halls are places of great importance in most major cities. Acolytes of this order either enter the Halls of Healing or are sent to small towns and villages to set up or oversee small Houses of Healing. The Brothers of Healing are trained as acolytes in the temple but when they attain priestly status they are sent on a mission to travel the world and provide healing to those in need, spreading the word of their goddess, and promoting peace wherever they go. The priesthood is not without its martial duties though. Those creatures that are considered totally unholy and contrary to life, undead and fiends, are the sworn enemies of Reahnyn. Her priests have power to destroy these unholy beings and at least one small sect within the order has devoted itself to hunting down and destroying these creatures.
Spell Domains: Good, Healing
Favored Weapons: staff
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, LN, N
Dogma: Life is Sacred. One must live a life of peace and tranquility to fully appreciate the gift of life.
Restrictions: Must be pacificist except in defense of the sanctuary and battling undead, demons and devils.
Clergy and Temples: The priestesses of Reahnyn offer healing to those who are ill or injured. They otherwise live cloistered lives. They live in Nunneries, are called sisters and each nunnery is overseen by a Mother. The priestesses promote peace, and occassionally serve as mediators in those disagreements they believe they can resolve without there being bloodshed. The Temples of Reahnyn are found throughout many human cities and Gelvani towns, and shrines are commonly built in villages. In these holy places no weapon is allowed. To bring a weapon knowingly into the temples incurs Reahnyn's wrath; wounds will not heal and illness will not cure for at least a week. To commit violence on her holy ground incites the goddess to her most vengeful acts. She will forever deny that mortal healing, even through natural means. The only time Priestesses of Reahnyn may ever bear a weapon is to battle the most unholy of creations that defy the sanctity of life. That is, they may battle undead and those creatures from the Eternal Realms who seek to destroy life (demons and devils).
The Sisters of Reahnyn have three ranks within their order: Greys (acolytes who wear grey robes), Whites (priestesses who wear white), and Blues (elder priestesses who wear blue robes). The superior of any Healing Hall or House of Healing is called the "Matron Mother" (who wear black robes).
The Brothers of the Healing Hand have three ranks within their order as well: Tenders (acolytes who reside in the temple and tend to the needs of the Priestesses), Travelers (priests who travel the realm offering healing), and Missionaries (a traveler who has found a large community in need of a temple and chooses to stay there and start a Mission, which will eventually lead to the creation of a temple).

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