The world is vast. A great orb, covered in brilliant seas and verdant lands. From the ice-bound poles to the storm scarred wastes of equator, this is a world of extremes. A world where ancient forests touch the clouds and dark crevasses reach into the depths of the earth, where endless seas stretch beyond the ken of men and unpassable mountains hide unimaginable secrets. It is a realm where monsters hunt the borders of civilization and dangers unfortold lay within regions yet to be explored.
The world of Naeja is a sphere. On one side lay the continents of Verosia, Old Camus, and Shuro-Tahn. Those realms are surrounded by a great ocean, Vas-Morda. The sun circles the world, rising from the endless sea in the east and and setting beyond the Great Oceanic Barrier in the west. To the north is the great glacier, Thoth-Gald. To the south is ice wall, and the shadow lands. As the sun rises it shines its white light upon the green country of Old Camus, illuminating vast green planes and dark forests, ancient and worn mountains, muddy mires and watery glades. To the north lays the pennisula of Valderheim, jutting from the ice of Thoth-Gald, and to the far south are the beautiful tropical forests, blue bays, and black steeps of Shuro-Tahn. The sun illuminates the Sea of Dragons, and illuminates the great continents of Verosia. In the south, beyond the island strewn straights are the golden shores and emerald fields of Ryosha. Verosia rises from those straights with the verdant, volcanic valleys of Gand, the crosses the River Shanin to reveal the vast farm lands of Rona, which borders the broad southerly flowing river called the Sylvarin. To the north Rona ends its borders at the ancient canyon of a dry river bed that leads into the Cauldera. The Cauldera is a massive sink hole as large as any realm, into which -upon high tide- flow the waters of the seas via those ancient river beds. Beyond are the lands of ogres and giants, a great plane of near frigid tundra stretching from the seas in the east to the water ways of the northern Sylvarin in the west. North of those lands are icy lakes and frozen wastes, leading up to the cliffs of the great glacier, Thoth-Gald.
West of those realms in the north is a great chain of mountains that men have given no name, for they are so far north and so beyond the reach of men that only giants that reside there know their paths and passes. No histories tell what lies beyond those mountains, but the Duervar claim they were once the northern reaches of their once great empire. South of those mountains, though, are the primordial forests of Gelvanmyr. The dark forests of Shanothyr, with its mighty ???, stretches from the Sylvarin to the far western coast, and its southern border is the westward river called the Drey-Sylvarin. To the east is the smaller forest of Issantia, which rises beyond cliffs overwhich flow many tributaries of the Sylvarin, and borders the realm of Rona in the southeast, parted only by the Sylvarin. South of those two forest realms is the broad and wide expanse of Mirvia. This green and temperate forest has grown unhindered for millenia and many of its mighty trees reach high into the sky. The forest is well tended, though, by the Gelvani who live there, guarding it borders and harvesting the fruits and nuts of its natural orchards. From the Sylvarin to the Bay of Brylinia, it stretches for a thousand miles east to west, and that great river turns west and forms its southern border. Beyond which lies a smaller forest called Metanmyr, which was once as beautiful but has been cursed by dark magics. That forest shifts and spawns dark beasts that occasionally creep out into the world.
South of the Gelvani realms is a fading savannah land that leads into the great desert of shifting sands, Vas-Meknor. This desert of white-gold sand is ringed by many forests and fields in the north an east, but stretches far to the south and west where it meets badlands and towering mountains. Its southern border meets the black cliffs of the volcanic mountains of Gand, its southern border becomes a rugged region of barren plateaus and jagged rocks, before suddenly emptying out into a beautiful garden realm descending to the sea, where reside the people of Kal-Mikan in their last glorious city. In the south west the desert fades into the rocky mountains of Baraduum, and on their far southern side is the narrow, green coastal lands of Parthus.
The parthan coastal realms circle the mountains in the south, before extending into a great penninsula which pierces the ocean of Vas-Meknor in the west. South of those lands, beyond the straights is the western edges of Ryosha, but north, those verdant lands continue to broaden away from those mountains, which become called Mordraduum and Tharaduum. Those mountain ranges split the continent with hundreds of miles of tall jagged peaks, some ice covered, some volcanic, but all massive. These are the once glorious realms of the Duervar, once an empire, but broken in war with the Titans ages ago. They are still a great mystery to most denizens of the world. The broad green coastal lands to the west continue north, up a sharp rise called the Mordrasaar, and expanding into arable lands that become the rolling Suthfar and forested Darkfold lands. Beyond that, to the north east is the rolling green Moarvik lands which border the Bay of Brylinia, where the Sylvarin empties out into the Sea. To the north west, the lands here rise sharply to form the peninsula of J'admir, with its mountains in its heart and forests in its girth, the great penninsula seperates Vas-Meknor from the Bay of Brynlinia. Its coastal lands form great marshes in the north, as it sinks into the seas. Here resides the greatest sea-faring culture in history. They are a people who claim to have, at one time, circumvented the world with their fleets, and claim to have come from a realm beyond the The Great Oceanic Barrier.
North beyond J'admir is and the Bay of Bynlinia, beyond the western shores of Mirivia and Shanothyr, are realms unkown to most men. Stories say that giants live here, and elementals clash for dominion, but few have ever traveled to these shores and even fewer return with tales to tell.
Westward, the suns light breaks over the Gelvanmyr to shine upon the Bay of Brynlinia, and out over the great oceanic sea of Vas-Meknor. Far it travels west, beyond the ocean horizon, and farther, as wide as the lands of Verosia before its light falls upon great storm clouds rising from the ocean. A wall of cloud and thunder, fire in the skies, mighty waves, and churning seas, whirpools and upwellings betwix jagged earthen spires- from the trackless south to the frozen seas of the north, this is the Great Oceanic Barrier. No ship has ever found safe passage beyond the storm. Some claim that it seperates the realms of mortal men from the realms of the Gods. The Gelvani say the storm was formed when they were cast out of their eternal realm, and they arrived in great fleets to settle upon the lands of Verosia. Others say it is massive chain of volcanic mountains just beneath the waves that are the source of all the natural world -earth, fire, water, and air. Whatever it is, none have ever passed through.
The sun descends into the western horizons and soon again will return in the east, rising from the Endless Sea.
The Endless Sea…is it endless?
Beyond those far and distant waters there are other lands, as we are now learning. There lies a land called Antrasia. Its people have sailed, for the first time, westward and found Verosia. What is Antrasia? And what other lands lay within the Endless Sea?

Old Camus
Northern Verosia
Southern Verosia

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