Ring Of Stone Lore

Ring of Stone Lore (relic)
Aura: strong conjuration CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


Each ring of Stone Lore is a rectangular band of titanium with a broad mount. Each of the rings has a different stone set in its mount, and each has unique powers. These stones are five of the rarest gems ever to exist, far more so than diamonds. Below is given the powers of the rings and the Duervan name for each stone, with the equivalent name in parenthesis.

All rings have the following powers:
When worn by anyone but a Stone Lord these rings can perform only two powers. These are cast as an 8th level caster.
Stone Tell (unlimited use, wearer only)
The wearer can, by touching stone (raw or worked), speak with the stone, as per the stonetell spell. This power requires concentration to maintain. Any wearer can use this ability, but they do not have an innate ability to understand the stone beyond simple concepts (as per the spell).
Move Earth (1/day;standard action)
The wearer of one of these rings may request the earth to transform to suit his needs. This should be treated as a reaction check, as with an NPC, to determine the earth spirit's reaction.

When worn by a Stone Lord, the following additional powers are available:
The spell like powers of the ring are cast as an 8th level caster, or at the casting level of the Stone Lord, whichever is higher. In addition they are modified as such:
Enhanced Spell Like Abilities: A stonelord gains +2 effective caster levels when performing spell like Stone Lord class abilities. This bonus is included in the casting level of the ring's powers.
Stonetell (unlimited, at will, wearer only): A Stone Lord wearing such a ring can perform the above listed stonetell power at will (no concentration required). A 1st level Stone Lord with one of these rings gains the "Terran" language and can begin communicating more complicated thoughts with the stone. All Stone Lords understand that earth spirits live within stone, but are not bound to a particular piece of stone. Despite this, particular stones maintain memories that the earth spirits can recall and share with the Stone Lord if willing. Not all earth spirits are friendly to the Stone Lords, though, such as Elemental Spirits serving Elgar. Thus, the GM should treat each interaction uniquely. The Stone Lord gains a +4 reaction adjustment when communicating with earth spirits.
Move Earth (1/day; standard action): A Stone Lord wearing such a ring can perform the above listed Move Earth power as a standard action. The Stone Lord's +4 reaction adjustment with earth spirits applies to this check.

Unique powers:
Each of the five rings also has its own unique powers, only accessible by a Stone Lord. These spell-like-abilities are cast at either 8th level or at the effective caster level of the Stone Lord, whichever is higher. They can only be made use of by a Stone Lord of the necessary level.

The Ring of Stone Lore - Radandite (Red Beryl)
This ring grants the power to move through stone quickly.

The Ring of Stone Lore - Aradundite (Musgravite)
This ring grants the power to manipulate one's own physical form transforming into stone.

The Ring of Stone Lore - Azarundite (Blue Garnet)
This ring grants the power to conjure stone out of the elemental plane of earth to the mortal realm and give it physical form.

The Ring of Stone Lore - Barandite (Serendibite)
This ring grants the power to manipulate earth and stone, changing its shape and moving it around.

The Ring of Stone Lore - Radadiamond (Red Diamond)
This ring, the most powerful, grants the power to manipulate the physical forms of others, transforming them into stone and back.


There were five such rings created, each bound with the knowledge and spirit of the ancient duervan Stone Lords. When worn by anyone other than a Stone Lord the rings seem to have minor magical power, but upon the hand of a true Stone Lord the rings reveal their great power, enhancing the power of the Stone Lord and granting other significant abilities.


Requirements: Craft ????, spell1, spell2, ; Cost ?,000 gp

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