Ring Of The Greater Warrior

Ring of the Greater Warrior (wondrous item)


A rare and powerful magical item, the Ring of the Greater Warrior is usually a golden and encrusted with a dazzling opaque red stone. The truth is, though, that the stone is actually the blood of a great warrior magically bound to the ring. So long as the “blood stone” is intact the ring maintains its power.
Powers: If the bearer of this ring encounters any foe with a Base Attack Bonus higher than his own, then after each full round of combat the bearer is granted a cumulative morale bonus of +1 to his Base Attack Bonus up to one point higher than his opponent’s Base Attack Bonus. This is a Mind-Affecting ability, with no saving throw (Caster level 20th for SR purposes). The bonus lasts for as long as the two foes are engaged in consecutive rounds of combat. Any break in combat ends the enchantment (the DM decides what is an action is considered as a ‘combat action’ for determining consecutive rounds). This bonus can actually give the bearer additional attacks, since it increases the Base Attack Bonus; and if his Base Attack Bonus becomes 21, he effectively he can have five attacks (21/16/11/6/1).
Variations: It is said that this is a lesser imitation of a major artifact called “The Ring of the Greatest Swordsman Eve Known” that immediately grants the bonus (instead of accruing slowly round by round).


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