Ring Of Venom

Ring of Venom (wondrous item)

Description: A Ring of Venom appears as a silver ring with a black pearl cresting it. Carved in smooth black onyx is a spider with the pearl as its thorax. When the spider is animated the ring appears as a silver ring with a small setting at the top. The setting has a small rune carved in it but nothing else. Though there is no recorded history to the creation of such rings some speculate they were created by the priests of some ancient spider deity. Others have thought they are a specially created Figurine of Wondrous Power for an elite group of assassins called the “Spider’s Eyes”. Whatever the true history of these rings, they are sinister tools indeed.
Powers: This ring grants immunity to normal venoms and a +4 save vs. magical venoms.
Upon the will of the bearer of this ring (free action) the mounted spider transforms into a deadly black widow spider which obeys the will of the bearer. The spider can be away from its ring for only 24 hours at any one time. It then disappears and cannot be used again for one week. The spider can be destroyed but then it will reappear on the ring and cannot be used again for one week.
The spider can make a Move Silently and Hide checks to avoid detection in order to climb up a victim without being noticed and make an attack. The victim must make a comparative spot check to notice the spider. The victim’s natural AC only is used (No Dex. bonus or armor bonus) though magical modifiers from protection items will apply. The attack is considered a sneak attack. If damage is inflicted the spider will inflict a lethal dose of poison. Save vs. Poison or die. Success means 20 points of damage. Onset time is one minute. The poison can be used 3/day.
If the Spider tries to attack a victim that is aware of it the AC is the defender’s normal AC. It has the standard ability to spider climb and can use its web to hang from almost any Height. Its movement on a web is unhindered.
The spider also has the unique power to be the eyes and Ears of its wearer. The spider can transmit any visual or acoustic stimuli that is within 10 feet of it to the wearer. During this time the wearer must be concentrating. Anything outside of the ten feet is blurry and distorted. If the spider is destroyed while the wearer is perceiving the wearer is struck blind and deaf for 1d4 rounds.
The Spider has the following Stats:
Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
F , R , W
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Bite: Dmg 1 (poison

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