Rods Staves And Wands

Rods, Staves and Wands

Arcane Spellcasters make great use of objects in their spell casting. Particularly they have designed numerous magical items that can store their power. The most common are Rods, Staves and Wands. The form isn’t as important as the purpose. These are the most common receptacles of arcana because their construction is so well documented.
However, the casting of spells can also make great use of such objects. Many wizards and sorcerers have finely crafted staves with many valuable gemstones, rare components, and elaborate artwork. The primary advantage of such is that these objects can replace the need of other material components, which, after all, are simply rare and valuable components bearing an affinity to certain magical descriptors.

Constructing a Staff

Staves can be constructed with components that represent different spell descriptors. When a staff holds these different components it can be used in place of other material components of equal or lesser rarity or value when casting spells of that descriptor type.

Constructing a Wand

Wands aren’t as big as staves so they can not hold as many components. Wands can only be constructed for casting spells with one particular descriptor.

Magical Items not used for casting

Just as with Rods, Staves and Wands; other magical items make use of these components in their construction but are not usually used for the casting of spells and are not designed in that manner. There are rare exceptions. In the crafting of magical items, though, these components should be considered for enchanting purposes. Choosing to craft a wondrous item you may find it useful to use a very rare component so it can more easily be enchanted with powers associated with that descriptor.

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