Life is hard, and it takes a wily and sharp-witted one to make it. Rogues live by the skin of their teeth, and in a world like Naeja rogues are more likely to find their fortune by adventure than by common thievery. Despite this, those who do make it a point to turn to burglary, robbery, or even assassination are likely to try to gather in loosely organized groups. Sometimes they are even forced into them, or else… These Thieves Guilds can be found all over Naeja.
All races seem to have rogues, even if they don’t want them. Some might say “it’s the easy way out of a hard day’s labor” but anyone who has tried to be a rogue knows that there is nothing easy about it. For some, its simply stupid to follow someone else’s rules on how to live, much the less an entire societies’ rules. The only race that might claim they do not have rogues would be the Bamorians, but even then, there has probably been at least a few in their midst

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