Ronan History


The Ronan Line of Kings

1075 O.C. Wars between the kingdoms of Old Camus ends. Age of Dragons begins.
1100 O.C. Dragons slain to the point of "extinction" by King Sorik, Sorik made King of Camus.
1115 O.C. King Ramsor wages war against King Sorik and wins. Ramsor names himself King.
1120 O.C. King Ramsor killed by Lord Authbrig. Lord Authbrig becomes King Authbrig of Camus.
1130 O.C. Exodus from Old Camus.
1145 O.C. New Camus completed. Rona Established.
King Authbrig orders new calendar to be established by Priests of Loran.
0 N.C. Ronan Calendar completed. (Begins on 1st of Rhein, following 1145 O.C.)
5 N.C. King Authbrig I dies of old age. King Authbrig II takes the Throne.
12 N.C. The Folkin, a.k.a. Halflings, become part of Rona.
50 N.C. Age of Expansion begins.
63 N.C. King Authbrig II dies of fever. King Authbrig III takes the Throne.
100 N.C. Rona expands along the Sylvarin River leading west. They encounter the Moarvik people and begin trading heavily with this clan-based culture of horsemen. They also begin establishing farms in these fertile lands.
121 N.C. A tower collapses on King Authbrig III, killing him. Authbrig's son-in-law takes the Throne as King Loramark.
148 N.C. Ronan city of Lochdale Established.
162 N.C. Ronan city of Farindale Established.
193 N.C. King Loramark I dies of consumption. Queen Loramark rules for her son.
202 N.C. Ronan city of Tharthin Established in the lands of the Moariks.
213 N.C. King Loramark II takes the Throne.
221 N.C. Rona encounters the human city-state of Ja’dmir, home to "gypsies of the sea": merchants, smugglers, pirates.
232 N.C. Queen Loramark dies of old age.
248 N.C. The Moarik clans of the north begin to shift their allegiances to the kingdom of Rona; the most powerful of their leaders giving up their personal titles to become Dukes. The southern clans, however, bring forth violent opposition.
251 N.C. King Loramark II kills himself for uknown reasons. Lord Tannin, King Loramark II's Cousin, made King.
260 N.C. The last of the northern Moarik clans gives fealty to Rona and the lands adjacent to the Bay of Brynlinia formally become part of Rona.
292 N.C. The Queen of Ja'dmir, marries King Tannin and the city-state becomes a Dutchy of Rona.
325 N.C. King Tannin dies saving his wife's life.
King Tannin II takes the Throne.
340 N.C. King Tannin II establishes Ronan City of Tanninport in memory of his father.
365 N.C. Ronan City of Autura Established.
371 N.C. King Tannin II dies mysteriously. Queen Tannin, his wife, takes the Throne.
373 N.C. Queen Tannin remarries and becomes Queen Marian.
404 N.C. Queen Marian dies of fever. King Marian takes the Throne. Ronans encounter the race known as Bamorians and begin trade.
415 N.C. Ronan City of Silverport Established.
419 N.C. King Marian I killed in Hunting accident. King Marian II takes the Throne.
460 N.C. Ronan City of Lotalus Established.
466 N.C. King Marian II dies at sea during a terrible storm.
His Brother in Law takes the Throne as King Gregor.
482 N.C. Desert City of Kal-Mikan "discovered".
504 N.C. The Maharaja of Kal-Mikan signs allegiance with Rona.
553 N.C. Royal Prince Gregor II killed while hunting the famed "Last Dragon"
554 N.C. King Gregor I succedes his Throne to his grandson.
King Gregor III takes the Throne.
562 N.C. The Dwarves of Tharaduum welcome the first Ronans into their Kingdom.
581 N.C. The Dwarven Thaim Darmorik signs a treaty with King Gregor III for trade and legal boundaries.
596 N.C. Rona's first encounter with the City States of Parthus.
606 N.C. King Gregor IV dies of old age.
King Gregor V takes the Throne.
610 N.C. Elven Queen Surilinith Korianthil requests King Gregor V's aid in fighting the Orcs.
King Gregor agrees to aid the Elves but in exchange the Elves must teach Humans their skills in magic.
Age of War begins.
621 N.C. 20 Elite Ronan scholars are chosen for training in magic by the Elves.
654 N.C. Human Wizards return to Camus. King Gregor appoints 4 as his council, the others are given grants to establish Wizard Colleges.
9 schools are established in Camus, 2 in Tharthin and 1 in Ja’dmir.
659 N.C. King Gregor V dies of old age. His Daughter, Queen Gregor takes the Throne.
666 N.C.
668 N.C. Queen Gregor marries Duke Dakarik of Autura, becoming Queen Dakarik.
675 N.C. Ronan city of NorthPort established to fortify border to Ogrekar, The Ogre Kingdom.
685 N.C. Duke Dakarik dies of a heart attack.
Queen Dakarik dies shortly afterwards.
Their Daughter takes the Throne as Queen Dakarik II.
688 N.C. Queen Dakarik II Marries Duke Mackyle of Tharthin.
708 N.C. King Mackyle dies in a riding accident.
726 N.C. Queen Dakarik II dies of old age. Her son takes the Throne as King Mackyle II
742 N.C. South Eastern Human agricultural civilizations become part of Rona.
751 N.C. Ronan City of Farellin established.
762 N.C. Pyrus, A City State of Parthus, attacks Ronan towns around J'admir.
King Mackyle II sends the Ronan army to march on Pyrus.
Pyrus is defeated by Rona and taken under Ronan control.
763 N.C. Primus Manubus of Sartha holds a council with all other Parthan City State Primi. Parthus declares War on Rona, Parthan War.
765 N.C. King Mackyle II dies.
King Mackyle III takes the Throne.
768 N.C. Parthan fleet moves on Pyrus and retakes the city state.
791 N.C. Ronan army from Tharthin retakes Pyrus.
805 N.C. Rona attacks and takes Sartha.
810 N.C. Primus Oramies of Galus signs a peace treaty with King Mackyle III.
811 N.C. King Mackyle III assasinated, supposedly by order of Oramies.
Mackyle's cousin takes the Throne as King Calir I. King Calir declares that he will conquer Parthus.
815 N.C. Primus Oramies of Galus dies of consumption.
New Primus Tithius leads an attack on Sartha, retaking the city.
820 N.C. Parthus retakes Pyrus.
832 N.C. Rona retakes Pyrus.
835 N.C. King Calir I dies, and his son, King Calir II takes the Throne.
War holds at stand still.
855 N.C. King Calir II dies.
His brother in law takes the Throne as King Kyrick.
859 N.C. King Kyrick leads Rona to conquere Sartha.
862 N.C. Royal Prince Urthain Kyrick born.
864 N.C. Rona Conqueres Galus.
King Kyrick offers other Parthan City States freedom of religion and culture if they will surrender peacefully.
865 N.C. Treaty of Galus signed surrendering Parthus to Ronan rule. City States become Ronan Duchies and Parthan Primi become Dukes.
859 N.C. City State Yarelus renamed Yarelport.
880 N.C. King Kyrick I dies of fever. Royal Prince Urthain takes Throne as King Kyrick II.
882 N.C. King Kyrick II establishes the Order of Thamor as its own authority, autonomous of the Priests of Thamor and the burgeoning Ronan Church. The Knights of Thamor, prior to this, answered to the priests, but now they was organized into a military force under the command of a singular leader which was dubbed the High Lord. The King gave The Order of Thamor powerful governing abilities in all regions, able to usurp the authority of any regional lord.
887 N.C. King Kyrick II has a "vision" and declares a Holy Crusade to purify Rona. He leads an army into all parts of Rona to kill all worshipers of non-Ronan gods. Official Ronan Pantheon established.
898 N.C. Southern Kingdom of Kamora Conquered.
906 N.C. King Kyrick II orders construction of The Great Road.
907 N.C. Small fishing villages in South Eastern Verosia conquered to make way for The Great Road.
908 N.C. Holy Crusade comes to an End.
910 N.C. King Kyrick II orders construction of a Palace.
912 N.C. King Kyrick II spends huge amounts of gold in designing a better form of plate armor.
915 N.C. King Kyrick II has himself crowned Emperitur, or Emperor, Urthain and renames Rona as The Empire of Urthain.
918 N.C. Emperitur's Palace completed.
920 N.C. The Emperitur tries to dismantle his wizard’s council, declaring them as blasphemers against Thamor. The Church and King's Council have Urthain Executed.
The Triumverate is established to prevent a King from ever attaining such power again.
A distant descendant of King Authbrig I is named by the Triumverate as the new King, and takes the throne as the King Istalus, but has much less power under the new order called the Triumverate.
922 N.C. Triumverate establishes the “Right to Worship”, granting freedom to worship any god so long as you do not use your faith to harm others.
925 N.C. Ronan Great Roads project stopped until proper funding is available. Last great construction for a century.
947 N.C. King Istalus marries an Elven woman. Lady Eleranin, becoming Queen Eleranin.
952 N.C. The Ryoshan Emperor, Kang-lung, orders an attack on the southern cities of Rona. He sought retaliation for the destruction of their small fishing colonies forty five years ago and also saw the Ronans as a threat.
Ryoshan War Begins.
958 N.C. King Istalus dies of the fever. His eldest son takes the throne as King Istalus II.
960 N.C. The Ryoshan invaders conquere the cities of Kamora and Galus.
961 N.C. King Istalus II marries Princess Thena of Sartha. She bears him two daughters.
966 N.C. King Istalus II divorces Princess Thena and marries Lady Abelin, daughter of a wealthy Lord.
970 N.C. Lady Abelin is unable to produce any children for King Istalus so he annuls their marraige.
971 N.C. King Istalus II marries Princess Kathlin of Keir.
974 N.C. Princess Kathlin bears the King his first and only son.
985 N.C. Parthan Army, under Ronan Command retakes Galus. New Ronan war ships designed with the assistance of the Bamorians.
1001 N.C. Parthan Army retakes Kamora by siege from Sea.
1010 N.C. Ryoshan fleet attacks Farrelin. Ryoshans take the victory but do not take the city.
1016 N.C. Rona sends a fleet to attack the Ryoshan coast line and suffers massive losses.
1027 N.C. King Istalus II dies of old age. His son takes the throne as King Istalus III.
1030 N.C. Ryosha takes a large portion of territory East of Kamora.
1042 N.C. Parthan Army, under Ronan Command, retakes full control of all city states. Ryosha withdraws all military attacks on Rona. They still maintain control over some land in Verosia.
1048 N.C. Ryoshan fleet sails wide westward in an attempt to attack Keir from the Ocean. The strong storms slow their progress and by the time they come in for the attack they are easily defeated.
1052 N.C. King Istalus III and his wife drown at sea when their ship is attacked by pirates.
Their only son takes the throne as King Istalus IV.
1062 N.C. King Istalus IV dies without any children. His first cousin takes the throne as King Korgan. King Korgan is already married to the widowed Duchess of Farrelin. Queen Eleranin passes her title to the new Queen Andrial, and returns to the elven kingdom of Mirivia.
1086 N.C. Ryosha attacks Galus, but does not take the city.
1094 N.C. Constant skirmishes between the Ryoshan and Ronan armies eventually drives the Ryoshans off of Verosia. In a last stand at the shores East of Galus, a large battle took place. Here thousands of Ronan and Ryoshan men died. Rona was victorious, and the Ryoshan army withdrew.
1102 N.C. King Korgan and his son are poisoned. His wife, the Widow Andrial is found guilty of the murders and executed. King Korgan’s wife’s family is no longer tied to the throne. King Korgan’s only living relative is a sister who is married to a Lord from Kamora. Her husband takes the throne as King Bordan.
1107 N.C. After numerous small unsuccesful invasions, the Ryoshan army finally ceases attacks upon Rona and only occassionally attacked Ronan ships that get too close to their shores.
1119 N. C. The Ryoshan fleet renews attacks on any Ronan ships that pass through the straights. The two fleets battle each other at sea for quite some time.
1122 N.C. King Bordan is accused of treason against the Triumverate for threatening the life of the High Lord of the Holy Crown of Thamor. He is convicted and sent to the dungeon.
His son takes the throne as King Bordan II.
1135 N.C. King Bordan II commits suicide for unknown reasons.
His Widow is the only heir and rules as Queen Bordan.
1140 N.C. Queen Bordan remarries to a noble from Kamora. He already has a young daughter.
1142 N.C. Queen Bordan dies and passes the throne to her husband. He takes the throne as King Kaydan.
1143 N.C. Hugh Arkain of Clan MarcDougor born
1145 N.C. King Kaydan dies of old age and his daughter’s husband, a young lesser lord from Kamora and a knight of Thamor takes the throne as King Aldrin Khorathis.
1147 N.C. Rona’s expansion and the development of larger and faster ships leads the King to open resettlement of Old Camus.
1148 N.C. Ronans encounter first Skarrels
1155 N.C. Ancient castle of Lord Authbrig established as the first new colony in Old Camus, under Duke XXX.
Ronan city of Authbrig established.
1159 N.C. Town of Bridgeport built to cross a water fall at the base of a great lake in Old Camus.
1160 N.C. Gellawyn &Tenchi appear in Mirivia
1161 N.C. The Castle of King Sorik is restored and becomes a fort for the training of Knights of Thamor, called Ironcrest.
1162 N.C. First dragon appears since the Dragon Crusades, killed by Bartal Drednaut, Khazid, and Kalthanan Koreanthil.
1163 N.C. Ironcrest develops into a town.
The King of Rona names the Knight of Thamor who leads the Order, Bartal Drednaut, as Duke of the town and surrounding lands.
Ronan City of IronCrest established.
1164 N.C. The Skarrels begin warring with the Ronans for control of their land. The Skarrels are losing, but Duke Drednaut works with their nobles and convinces them to sign a treaty to join Rona in exchange for land and titles.
1165 N.C. Duke Drednaut disappears.
1166 N.C. The Ryoshan Emprorer has been killed by his Shogun, Shang-Yaran, who names himself War Lord.
1167 N.C. Bartal Drednautght reappears but does not retake his title as Duke.
1168 N.C. War Lord Shang-Yaran leads a calculated massive assault against Rona. He sends one assault against Old Camus, making the Skarrels the first to encounter them. The Skarrels turn to Rona for help, but the war on the southern coasts of the mainland makes assistance slow to come. Many Skarrels die in the war before enough help finally arrives.
1170 N.C. Lord Bartal Drednaut leads an army against the Ryoshan forces in Old Camus and drives them beyond the southern borders of Skarrelland.
1171 N.C. A vessel of black skinned orcs invades Trevanya.
1172 N.C. The renewed Ryoshan attacks suddenly end when the Ryosha completely withdraw. Many believe the war over; however, the Triumverate does not and votes to maintain its military forces in the Parthan cities, both the standing Parthan Army and a Ronan occupying force.
1173 N.C. Lord Drednaut disappears again. He is rumored to occasionally come to the aid of those who need him or to appear in visions to Knights of Thamor.
1184 N.C. A ball of fire falls from the stars and strikes Mirivia leaving a great crater.
1185 N.C. Ronan city of Riverport established under Duke Keal the “One-Eyed”.
1186 N.C. Staff of Vilrithia appears.
1188 N.C. A war between Shanothyr and Mirivia begins. Trevanya invaded by Drey-Gelvani.
1191 N.C. Prince Loch Moarlinder, son of Duke of Tharthin, born.
1193 N.C. After ten years of peace between Rona and Ryosha the Military occupation in the southern coast has begun to destroy their economy. The Parthan cities threaten revolution if the size of the Ronan occupation is not reduced.
1194 N.C. The Triumverate orders the armies in the Parthan cities to dismantle. Ronan armies return home, but majority of Parthan Army is also disbanded. Those soldiers who are losing their lively hoods now threaten to revolt. The Duke Akalos of Sartha offers them asylum in his city.
1195 N.C. When the King of Rona and the Duke of Sartha meet in J’admir to discuss a resolution, the Duke is assasinated. General XXX leads the army from Sartha to attack Tharthin.
1196 N.C.. Duke Moarlinder of Tharthin leads an army to intercept the Army of Sartha. The Tharthin army is forced to fall back to the city until support arrives from Camus. Together they defeat the Army of Sartha. The Army of Sartha retreats to Sartha but the primogen of the city-state declares itself independant.
1198 N.C. With their economy collapsing and heavy military influence spread throughout, the following Parthan cities join Sartha in their declaration of independence: Keir, Galus, Vollbreya, Treyus. Thus begins the Parthan Revolution. The triumverate does not stand for this and launches an offensive against the Parthan cities.
1200 N.C. The Parthan cities unite under the Second Treaty of Galus. They re-establish themselves as a union of City States under the ancient name of Parthus. The Dukes take the titles Primi, as was traditional. Keir chooses to remain independent.
1205 N.C. Primus Talos of Galus and his family are assasinated by a secret society of wizards calling themselves The Black Legion. It is believed they are wizards within Parthus who are still loyal to the Magi of Rona.
1206 N.C. Keir declares itself a Kingdom and crown their Duke as King. They are still at the center of the war though and for the next three years they switch sides frequently.
1209 N.C. Parthus secures its borders and the war devolves into small skirmishes.
1210 N.C. The Black Legion’s continued terrorist activities lead to Parthus passing laws to arrest and interogate anyone displaying or accused of possessing any magical abilities.
This leads to an overall panic and a litteral witch hunt begins in Parthus.
Prince William Greyven is born to the Duke of Northport.
1214 N.C. The Parthan Revolution ends with neither side having gained any additional ground. The King Khorathis of Rona signs a treaty with the Primogen of Parthus in Keir. The Treaty of Keir gives Parthus complete autonomy and independence and allows them to establish their own government, but it requires them to abide by certain common standards of war and peace. The Treaty also establishes Keir as a neutral Kingdom and the Duke’s claim as King is formally recognized by both realms. The one condition is that Keir never again take sides in any dispute between Rona and Parthus. If Keir stays Neutral it will never be attacked by either Kingdom.
1215 N.C. Triumverate passes the Treaty of Keir.
1216 N.C. The Great Ice Titan, Olginthoth, is awoken and covers the world in blizzards for one month during the season of Sheliak. This leads to massive devestation of crops and a general year long famine across the world. Many farmers leave their lands never to return
1217 N.C. A plague begins to be spread throughout the Ronan cities. Priests can cure it, but not immunize against it.
1219 N.C. The Kurvardge, a Hobgoblin Army, conqueres Northport.
The Skarrels revolt, seeking their independence from Rona.
The Kurvadge destroys Bridgeton.
The Skarrels siege IronCrest. The Triumverate, deciding that the expense of another war could not be tolerated, grant the Skarrels their Independence under the condition that the Skarrels leave Iron Crest unharmed.
1220 N.C.….. King Khorathis is killed by The Black Legion.
Prince Loch Moarlinder uncovered the plot but was unable to stop his murder. He does, however, kill the man responsible and inflict a large offensive against the Black Legion. It turns out that Chancelor Kypus, Triumverate representative of the Mage’s Council, was leading the Black Legion in an attempt to take the throne.
The King’s son, Acascius Khorathis takes the throne as King Khorathis II. King Khorathis II is also a Mage.
Mysterious disappearances begin amongst the Magi, and it is soon discovered that some sort of barrier against Teleportation has formed over the entire world.
1231 N.C.….. The Dark Tides Prophecy is presented to the Kings, Primi, High Priests, Arch-Magi and Sages of the world by Omar the Red. It is largely ignored.
The Hobgoblin War Begins. The Kurvardge attacks Tanninport, and Autura, but are unsuccesful. They do, however, manage to sucessfully defeat the army of Riverport, though the city was never taken. King Acascius orders Prince Loch Moarlinder to lead an army from Tharthin to free Riverport of the siege. The Tharthin army retakes the city, but the Kurvardge marches on Camus. The Army of Camus meets the Kurvarge twenty miles from the city’s walls.
During the battle Camus is struck by a title wave, destroying most of the Ronan fleet.
Also, during the battle, The Tower of the Magi is attacked by a single wizard of incredible power. Half of the Mage’s Council is killed before the uknown assailant disappears.
The Kurvardge was forced back to Northport and then driven over the great gorge to their stronghold in the Ogre Kingdom.
Astrologers and Prophets predict the birth of a savior at the turn of the year. They claim he will lead them from this time of darknesss. This begins a Holy Quest to find the chosen child of Thamor.
1232 N.C. William Lordsley is born in Gilcrest, the bastard son of a servant maid.
The Orange Plague sweeps over the civilized realms of Rona, killing over 1/3 of the population. The Priesthoods of Reahnyn and Myrrha are doing everything they can to help the poor. However, those curing the diseased cannot keep up with the rate and number of infections, and those who are infected more than once are consumed by the disease more rapidly with each repeated infection.
The Duke of Tharthin dies from this plague, after three bouts of the disease.
Prince Loch Moarlinder takes his place as Duke of Tharthin.
1233 N.C. King Acascius orders the construction of a large wall along the edge of the great gorge North of Northport, called the Wall of Acascius.
William Gilcrest-Greyven, who was the forsaken son of the Duke of Northport, is named Duke of Gilcrest in Old Camus.
1240 N.C. In Camus, The Second Circle has been mostly reconstructed though it has lost a significant amount of its grandeur.
1242 N.C. The northern wall is completed and named "The Shield of Acascius
King Acascius orders Northport to be cleared out of Goblinoids and reconstructed.
1245 N.C. The Primogen of Parthus collapses as its City States begin to fight amongst themselves. Each City State establishes its borders and are now considered independent. Many of these states establish their own laws, and a majority remove the law against Magic though it is still very distrusted.
1246 N.C. Tensions between Drey-Gelvani Kingdom of Shanothyr and the Que-Gelvani Kingdom of Mirivia eventually break out into a massive war. This war lasted a full year and eventually led to a massive religious movement. In the end Kelamin, their God of War, was defeated and his power was taken over by Tiercelis. However, Fey-Kalin was also slain and his rule over Arts, Music and Festivals was taken by Gellawyn.
Kalthanan Korianthil becomes ruler of the new Gelvani Kingdom of Issantia.
1249 N.C. Flyn 16th, the Day of Dragons. On this Day in the late hot months of 1249, a great migration of dragons was witnessed. This proved once and for all that the Dragons had returned. Very few know why the Dragons appeared, but the migrations had been building over a two-month period. After a small calm, the world suddenly became much more aware of these great beasts. They no longer hid from mankind and now would be found blatantly attacking caravans, villages and even castles.
1250 N.C. Over the prior decade Rona had been rebuilding, but the City State of Sartha had been conquering. Primus Kalos of Sartha formed allegiances with many small cities and people across the world. In the mean time he spread an army across Parthus, offering the same allegiances to the other city-states. Those who refused were conquered. On the turn of 1250, the Primus of each city-state met at an Alliance meeting and each voted Kalos as Arch-Primus. His first act was to reaffirm the existence and continued continuity of Parthus to all other Kingdoms in the world.
1251 N.C. Just before the turn of the year, a force of evil slips into IronCrest, slays Alianna, High Priestess of Reahnyn, and retrieves the Scepter of Dominion, legendary symbol of the Arch-Primus of Parthus.
1252 N.C. The Duke of Authbrig finally dies from sickness at the age of 112 years old.
There is a struggle for power in the Flag City of Old Camus. Amidst the mayhem, an Orcish army crushes the city’s crumbling defenses and invades. Under the control of the Duke’s Chamberlain, the Orcs seize the city. Both the Duke’s daughter and the captain of the guard are slain. The Chamberlain, a Lich, wields the Scepter of Dominion and holds firm tyranny over the city.
Concurrently, Parthus declares War on Rona by launching an army by sea out from their ally city of Farrelin. They land on the northern shore of the River Shanin and invade the port town of Seagate. Thus, begins the final war between Rona and Parthus, thereafter dubbed The Great War.
1253 N.C. The Great War erupts along the borders of Rona and Parthus.
The Parthan Armada has taken Seagate easily but the Ronans have sent their greatest war galleons to blockade the Bay of XXX and prevent further movement of Parthan vessels across the River Shanin. A massive sea battle occurs, sinking dozens of ships and ends with the Ronans pulling their fleet back to Camus, and the Parthans holding up in Seagate for the season of Koril. A massive force of Parthan soldiers and centurions, led by the Knights of the Black Horn, moves north from Sartha and meets the Tharthin Army at King’s Gate. By the end of the year, the Tharthin army has been forced back to the XXX forest.
1254 N.C. Authbrig is retaken by Lord William Gilcrest, leading a brigade of Knights of Thamor and a small army.
A massive invasion of Orcs moves into Tharthin from the Tharaduum mountains. Duke Moarland orders his army return to the city to defend it. The army is forced to fight its way through the orcs to break the siege, but the losses are great. The Parthan Army, in pursuit of the Tharthins join up with the retreating orcs and besiege Tharthin.
1255 N.C. After a long hard season of ice the Great War wages on.
The Kamorans turn on the Parthans, driving them from their city and sinking any Parthan ship that tries to dock in their harbor.
Lord William Gilcrest-Greyen is named General of the Holy Crown of Old Camus and made regent of Authbrig until a proper heir is found. Instead of staying in Old Camus, though, he splits his forces and takes half by boat to Camus to help defend it from the Parthans.
The Parthans begin moving a great number of soldiers across the Mouth of the River ….. Instead of following the coast, where they would be trapped, they march west, around the Lernean Forest and up to Lochdale where they siege the city.
Tharthin is still under siege. [[King Loch Moarlinder|Duke Moarlainder]]] calls for help from J’admir, Camus, Farindale and Riverport. Riverport and J’admir respond. They send heavy forces by navy towards Tharthin.
1256 N.C. Barukar reinforcements arrive to support the orcs assailing Tharthin. The Duke of Tharthin has evacuated most civilians to J’admir, and now has heavy reinforcements. The army from Riverport has still not arrived. The Golden Cavaliers, the gates of Tharthin, fall and the Tharthin guards are forced to retreat back to Caliburn, the main castle. One night later an army of Duervar assails the Parthan/Orc armies from behind. The Parthan armies press into the city, allowing the Orcs to do most of the fight. Somehow, the Parthans activate the Magna Portalus and an elite force of Parthans pass through the portal escaping Tharthin. A small force leading the Duervar and Tharthins follow them through the portal before the Wizards of Tharthin are able to close it.
Camus is besieged by the Parthan Army. All able bodied soldiers have been sent to the front. The Maguna Portalus is activated by a rogue faction of Mages. An elite force of Parthans invades the heart of Camus. The High Lord of the Holy Crown, the King, and the Arch-Magi of every Mage Tower is slain in the ensuing chaos. General Greyven takes up the High Lords sword against the invading forces, and slays their terrible leader, a fallen knight of Thamor cursed with undeath, and leading an army of undead warriors. It is claimed that legendary heroes came to the aid of Camus in its time of trouble, helping drive back the Parthans. Such heroes as Kalthanan the Dragonslayer (High Prince of Mirivia), Dorak (Duervan lord of honor and courage), and Bartal Drednaut (One of the Chosen of Thamor). Though these rumors were widespread there was never evidence that they were in the city or that they remained afterwards.
The Parthan army and supporting Orcs in Tharthin were finally routed.
The Parthans who invaded Camus were all slain, though some say Arch-Primus Kalos was amongst them, and escaped with the Crown of Tyrrant King after killing King Khorathis II himself.
The Parthan army laying siege of Camus is suddenly taken from behind by the army of Riverport, who they had thought was heading to Tharthin. They are routed and forced to retreat by boat back to Farrellin and Parthus.
Julius Medorum, once a simple wealthy noble, is elected by the Dukes of Rona to become the new King. He takes the Throne as King Medorum.
1257 N.C. Rona begins rebuilding its armies its armies.
1262 N.C. Rona begins an invasion of Parthus.
The Ganniard lords are conquered by the Ronans and the Duke is put back in power.
Keir allows Rona’s armies to pass through its lands, Tharthin invades Parthus.
1265 N.C. Sartha is sieged by the Ronan Army.
Galus thwarts an attack by the Ronan Armada.
The Ronans declare Sir William Lordsly as General of its armies.
1266 N.C. William Lordsly recovers the Blazing Sword of Righteous Might.
1267 N.C. William Lordsly is presented before the High Lord of the Holy Crown of Thamor and named The Sword Arm of the Church. He now leads both the armies of Rona and the Knights of Thamor.
1268 N.C. Ronan armies conquer Sartha. End of the Great War. Parthus retains its independence, and the city-states are no longer under Ronan control.
1269 N.C. Contention over the authority and identity of the True High Lord of the Holy Crown causes the Duchy of Old Camus to declare its independence, becoming the Kingdom of Sora, under King William Greyven who is also recognized by many to be the true High Lord of the Holy Crown of Thamor.
Not long after Tharthin and its surrounding lands does the same, becoming the Kingdom of Moar, under King Loch Moarlinder.
The Great Kingdom of Rona collapses and all other duchies are free to take their own actions.
The Ronan Dukes, Lords and other aristorcats who live in the ancient region originally called Rona, quickly form a parliament and name a wealthy, powerful, and very influencial noble merchant king. King Julius Medorum becomes the first new king of what remains of Rona.
1280 N.C. The Barukar threat begins.
1283 N.C. The Barukar Siege of Ironcrest
1285 N.C.
1287 N.C.
1289 N.C.
1300 N.C. End of the Barukar War. Beginning of The Age of Darkness.
1305 N.C. Attack on Silver Deep by Countess Revana, she is thwarted
1307 N.C. Serpent of Wazgard defeated, 3 days of night, new Ice Age begins
1308 N.C. A terrible winter overcomes Moar, it lasts until well into the Spring
1309 N.C. A ship from a realm across the Endless Sea arrived in Farrelin, Gand. It came seeking trade. A trade agreement was signed with "Sadoth" and the ship sailed west again. A number of people from Gand went along to see this unheard of realm.
Another terrible winter
1311 N.C. Current Year: Portal to the Nether World is discovered near High Bridge in Moar, near Vosaduum of the Tharaduum mountains. Gamorgh is found to be using it to fuel the creation of a huge undead army. It is closed by the heroes of Silverdeep and others who join them.
Winter seems to begin with the Season of Torin
King Julius Medorum of Rona is 87 years old.
King William Greyven of Sora is 103, and is expected to pass soon. His eldest surviving son is 42 (3rd in line, but now 1st).
King Loch Moarlinder of Moar is 122 years old with his heir being unapparent. How old is this guy gonna live?
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