Scabbard Of Balance

Scabbard of Balance
This scabbard is designed to give a swordmaster a perfect balance between the blade held and the scabbard that held it. If a sword is held within the scabbard for more than 24 hours, the scabbard takes on the same weight as the sword. Then, if the sword is drawn and this scabbard carried in the off-hand, the bearer gaines special benefits. First, the bearer gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC. Second, the . Finally, the bearer is healed for 1d4 hit points per round, for up to 12 rounds. Any blade held within this scabbard is continuously kept sharpened and oiled, so the owner need not worry about it. The scabbard can hold light and heavy blades up to 3’ 6” long and no more than 4” wide at any point.

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