In the shadowy ages of the past, when the Titans stlll walked the earth, Ishobel, mother of Monsters laid with Morda and from that union came the horrible goddess called Silrithia (also called Arokie or Sirithreia), from whom all serpents would be born. Silrithia, it is said, was born pregnant, and deep in the depths of the earth she burrowed out a great cavern in which she laid her first brood. As their eggs hatched, she found her offspring to be like her, though varied. These first born were the paragons of their kind. Each of them in turn was born with eggs ready to lay, and so they went out into the world, and each laid their brood, and found their young like them. These were the scions of many of the serpents still upon the world today. Each then, began to intermingle and from their coppulance were laid new broods from which are the varied species, similar to one another, but one unto themselves. Thus it is that there are many serpentine races upon the world, and they are such:

Dragons Likely the most famous of serpents, the Dragon has four long limbs with mighty claws, a great tail, and huge wings rising from its back. Its body is covered in hardened scales, and its head looms down from upon a long neck, with sanguineous eyes and a mouth filled with mighty fangs. These serpents can fly by their sheer phyiscal might, and by the power of the elemental forces that run through their veins they can often breath out fire or other terrible expirations. Some have great intelligence and those that do are natural sorcerers.

Drakes Similar in appearance to dragons, but much smaller, Drakes are actually quite a bit different. These smaller serpents have smooth scales and thin bones, but tend to be of keen intelligence. Some have the similar power to breath fire or other such expirations, but there are just as many that do not. Drakes take a liking to wizards and sorcerers, likely because they recognize the power these individuals hold, and due to their own talents in the magical arts feel a bond with them. It is from the blood line of Drakes, that the tiny creatures of animal intelligence called Drats were bred, which are now a pestilence in swamps and heavily wooded areas.

Hydras These great beasts have huge bodies with massive trunk like legs, which they need to hold up their numerous serpentine necks. Their heads may be sanguineous (snake-like) or draconic (dragon-like), but they don't seem to need these heads to live. The monstrous Paragon of these beasts was said to grow back every head it lost with two more, and only the fire of Amal could cauderize the wounds. Some of these beasts have retained that power, though they aren't nearly as impossible to kill. A few have been known to breath out deadly expirations, like dragons, but such beasts are very rare and may be due to cross-breading the beasts.

Linnorm These great serpents have mighty fore-claws to drag their serpentine bodies across the ground. They are often of little intellect; however, they make up for their dim wits with their incredible senses, poisonous bites, and great strength. They are most commonly found in the far north. The Valdar call them "Wyrms" (pr. verms).

Lotan The Lotan are mighty Sea Serpents found throughout the great waters of the world. They are said to have been born when Silrithria's womb was cut open by Ahamad, and so they poured out into the sea and were trapped there-in. They are long, sinuous beasts with small fore-claws, rarely used. Some have adapted their natural elemental powers to expire terrible concotions such as poisonous ink, scalding steam, and salt-acids.

Tatsu The Tatsu are clawed, bearded, serpents of incredible intellect and magical power. Most have the elemental power to fly, and almost all have some elemental force that they hold command of. They are by far the most intelligent of the serpents and have often ruled over mortals, especially in the lands of Shuro-Tahn.

Wyverns These monstrous serpents are covered in hardened scales, and have great wings and a long draconic neck. They have two great hind-claws and a long barbed tail, which they use for balance. The barb is most often filled with a terrible poison. Wyverns are the least intelligent of the serpents, usually no more so than any animal. They have no elemental or magical powers and are therefore the easiest to overcome. As such, there are some Bormdravar who have learned to ride these mighty beasts and call themselves Wyavar Flyers.

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