The famous "war wizards" of the Gelvani.

Any and all items suggested by me here are place-holders to start conversation. I'm looking for you, Regan, to provide the overwhelming input. Consider my suggestions to fall under the following three theme-categories:

  1. Leader
  2. Tactician
  3. As per the Suar-Lanyr: uses magic to enhance one's skills and abilities (in this case, the above two items); becomes more aware of the battlefield as the character becomes more powerful
  4. "Magical artillery" that becomes increasingly discriminating as the character becomes more powerful

Pretty much everything I'm going to brain-dump will be in the discussion page, below.

Quick note: in the "classes" page, the Magus class from the Pathfinder RPG "Ultimate Magic" book is listed as the parallel for the Shamora'Kahn/war wizard. I'd advise against that. The Magus is a cool class, but thematically it's closer to what we were doing with the Suar-Lanyr and does not encompass the abilities that I remember Regan trying to flesh out via the war wizards.

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