Shanothyr is the realm of the Drey-Gelvani, and the second largest of the Gelvani realms of Verosia. It was settled after the first Orog-Khan, when the Orcs were driven over the rivers, both north and east. The Drey-Gelvani first secured the northern forest as a defense against the orcs and other dangers but soon found it to be well suited to their tastes and disposition.

Shanothyr is predominantly a vast, ancient fir and cedar forest growing over an ancient volcanic mountain range. It's mightiest trees are huge fir trees towering far higher than even the Athora of Mirivia. Though tall and straight, with few branches, these trees spread out broadly at their crests, forming a thick canopy. These woods are dark and hollow. Cold mists roll over the steep embankments and ridges, down into low valleys, all covered in dense forest. Shanothyr is hauntingly beautiful, with many tall mountains and icy lakes. The forest grows to the edges of the western coasts, and along the banks of rocky rivers and streams. Her northern border rises into dark and icy mountains and her southern border is a great icy river that often breaks into thundering rapids.

Shanothyr's capital is Feyldyr-Mar, built upon the edge of a still blue lake filling a large crater. It is a city of low towers (lari) and heavily fortified, though well hidden. Beneath it are a series of caverns and mines from which the Drey-Gelvani extract the metals they need for their masterfully crafted weapons and armor. The Drey-Gelvani guard their borders with great vigilance, barring passage to any unwanted trespassers (mostly orcs and goblins,). Shanothyr is a realm of beauty and danger, both prosperous but bound by marshall laws. Despite their distrust of the Que-Gelvani and Grey-Gelvani, the Drey-Gelvani are probably the most hospitable towards the mortal races. They have many dealings with Duervar and Duneimen.

Continent: Verosia
Banner: Two tall Silver Cedar trees, flanking a white owl with its springs spread wide against a black field, a broken long spear in one claw and a flowering thorn vine in the other. The crescent moon of Loran above it. The trees represent ???. The owl represents the Quel-Thanor. The spear represents the fallen one Kelamin and the flowering thorn vine represents the unbkroken line of the Quel-Thanor.
Capital: Feyldyr-Mar
Government: Matriarchy
Ruler: Quel-Thanor
Religion: Gelvani Pantheon
Population: A classification of Population Sizes based showing both the range of population and the average population. This is not an exact number due to the severe variance in population inherint to war, famine, disease and cataclysmic events.
Races: A listing of the races commonly found within the realm.
Major: Drey-Gelvani
Median: Seyl-Gelvani
Minor: Grey-Gelvani, Fey
Cities and Towns:
Products: While the Gelvani do trade with other cultures, it is not the driving factor of their economy. Gelvani have an altruistic sense of sharing that means that all of their kind have access to the essentials of life, and only those who want luxuries need to produce products for sale or trade. Still, there are many such products from the Gelvani realms that the residents of other realms happily pay for.
Secondary: Jewelry, Furs, Rare Leathers
Aristocratic Titles: Quel-Thanor (King), Quel-Thena (Queen), Thena (Familial Matriarch), Thanor (Familial Matriarch's Husband),
Social Classes:
Upper-Class: Examples: The Royal Family, Priests
Middle-Class: Examples: Most people of any other caste
Lower-Class: Examples: Convicted Criminals and Outcasts
Allies: Metyrnia, Moar, Issantia, all Duervan Realms (Tharaduum, Mordraduum, etc…)
Neutrals: Mirivia, Rona, Sora, Gand, Parthus, Kal-Mikan, Sylvanmyr
Enemies: Ogrekar, All Orc Realms (Ig-Vatak, Ig-Orak, etc…)


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After the Orog-Khan the other Gelvani were satisfied to claim the land between the rivers, Mirvia, but the Drey-Gelvani knew that the orcs would be a constant threat if allowed to remain so close. Despite their warnings the Que-Gelvani would not set outposts along the river's edge, as they could not suffer living so close to such large bodies of water. Thus their borders remained relatively unguarded. The orcs quickly regathered their numbers, which increased vastly. Soon they were poised to attack again and Drey-Gelvani scouts saw them building many boats upon the far shores. Their patriarchs saw the threat and tried to convince the other Gelvani to join them in making a quick and decisive first strike. Their brethren were reticent, though, for they now feared death and the memories of those lost forever to Neth'Noril were still fresh in their mind. When the attack came the Drey-Gelvani were prepared, but were still caught off guard. The orog had made a diversion of the boats, which were actually small in size though great in number. The Drey-Gelvani met the orcs as they came ashore, and were making quick work of them. Further up river, though, the orcs had built a great bridge of rafts which they had joined at the most narrow and slow moving part of the river. Here the main host of the orcs crossed into Mirvia and drove down from the north like a hot sword, wedging into the heart of the forest. At this the other Gelvani took up arms and joined in. Together they devastated the orc armies, and in pursuit of those fleeing they found the floating bridge. Many Drey-Gelvani passed over the bridge and found a huge host waiting on the far side. They were quickly forced back and the orcs set the bridge afire.
When the battles ended the Drey-Gelvani vowed to never let this happen again. The gelvani worked together to build a massive bridge of stone spanning the river at the same place the orcs had crossed. Upon its completion the Drey-Gelvani led a huge army across and invaded the northern forest. Thus began the second Orog-Khan and the beginnings of Shanothyr.


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Current Ruler: The name, description and a brief history of the current ruler.
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Major Cities

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Being a vast forest, the botany of Shanothyr is of particular interest. The greater part of Shanothyr is a boreal forest. The western steeps descend towards the coast and are heavily forested with northern mountain cypress and spruce. These trees grow right up to the ocean rocky shoreline of the Bay of Brynilinia. The South and East are primarily a coastal temperate rain forest. The great inner forest, though, is an Ancient Woodland filled with towering Tall Firs and Red Cedars. However, the greatest of all these ancient trees are the Silver Cedars. whose grey-green bristles seem to glow in the light of Loran and whose upper limbs rise high over the forest canopy.

Below is a listing of the most common trees found in this forest and their general distribution:
Tall Fir: Western forests, up to the coasts.
Grand Fir: Inner forest, mountains below tree-line
Mountain Fir: North-Western region, mountains up to tree line
Cypress: Northern ridge, particularly on the slopes of mountains and bordering rivers.
Coastal Fir: Western and south-western coasts
Larchs: Variety of Larchs grow in the northern boreal forest.
Red Cedars: These very tall trees make up a huge inner heart of the Ancient Woodland.
Red Woods: These massive trees exist in large copses about the forest, mostly nearly the western coast.
Silver Cedar: The tallest trees of this ancient forest rise high above all others. They are not gathered in any one particular spot but rather are spread throughout the forest, usually found alone or in groves of only a few giants. They are often surrounded by other much smaller cedar trees, but which are still huge compared to trees of other forests.

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Tuar-Seylvarin, The Great Forest River, Eastern border of Shanothyr
Nol-Seylvarin, The White Forest River, Southern border of Shanothyr
Bay of Brynlinia, The Western border of Shanothyr

Bridge to Mirivia


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