Power: IG
Alignment: CG
Pantheons: Deities of Nature, Gelvani Gods
Titles: Bearer of the Flame of Light.
Portfolio: The Sun, Summer, Day, Fire and Light; archery
Symbol: A flaming bow
Constellation: Sheliak, the constellation of the fiery bow, directed at Arithax, the dragon.
Description: Sheliak is the fiery and capricious goddess of the summer who was given the Gift of Light along with her sister Reahnyn who was gifted the Gift of Life. Together they reignited the golden orb that lights the skies by day, often called the Orb of Sheliak. Sheliak is a powerful goddess worshipped by many cultures and races, and makes herself well known to her followers. She is often revered as the single source of fire, a force that drives the natural world.
Appearance: Sheliak often appears before her followers. She is a tall blazing beauty, wreathed in flames, with sharp elven features. Her hair is ablaze, her eyes the bright white light of the sun, and her skin a fiery bronze tone. She wears golden bracers, girdle and jewelry. Sometimes she wears a white gown, that barely hides her nearly perfect phyisique. Her flaming bow is always at hand and her voice roars with the sound of a raging inferno.
Personality: Sheliak is incredibly courageous, strong willed, and domineering. She has a fiery temper and is quick to strike down those who offend her. She believes completely in the power of women and can easily be coaxed into contests of skill when a man challenges her. Sheliak prizes appearances and chooses her lovers based on their physique and abilities. She is probably the most free-willed of the Gelvani women, having many mortal-born gelvani lovers.

Powers: Sheliak has complete control of the Gift of Light, which she has used to illuminate the Orb which gives both light and warmth to the world. She controls all fires as well, and could only be dominated in this by Amal herself, the Titan of Elemental Fire. Sheliak's bow can strike anything under the sun, and will catch anything aflame, even if it is immune to normal and magical fire.
w/Fey Kalyn: Hanrael
w/ mortal gelvani male: quasi-deity
w/ mortal gelvani male: quasi-deity
w/ mortal gelvani male: quasi-deity

After life: Like all Gelvani gods, Sheliak resides in Arvanis and that is where her Gelvani worshippers will reside when they die or ascend. In the human pantheons, she supports the primary god's vision of an afterlife.

Worshipers: Sheliak has a strong following amongst most mortal cultures, and is worshiped by almost all Gelvani. They pay her tribute on regular holy days, and seek her blessings for warm summers, ending droughts, providing fire in the harsh of winter, and gifting them talent in archery.
Worshipers: When prayed to Sheliak, may grant these powers.
1/Round Ability: Endure Heat
1/Day Ability: Produce Flame

Priests: Sheliak has a strong following of priestesses and some priests. In the Ronan Pantheon the Church of Light and Life is devoted to both she and Reahnyn, and they are worshipped hand in hand. In the Gelvani Pantheon she has a huge following of priestesses who promote her as the deity who will one day wipe out the orc threat and bless the world with eternal light.
Spell Domains: Sun, Fire
Favored Weapons: Bow
Cleric Alignments: Any non-evil
Clergy and Temples:


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