Shey Tishan

Shey-Tishan is known as the city of towers and is a place of utter beauty. Hundreds of lari (tall, thin white-stone towers) rise amongst vibrant arboretums and flowering gardens. Arching bridges connect the various pinnacles and all are adorned with elaborate stone lacework, statuary, and effigies. The "stone trees", as the lari are sometimes called, rise amidst the anorath of hundreds of alathan, and these mighty tree homes just as beautiful as the towers. The center of the city is a tall hill from which rises three luar (great towers); The Luar-Quel-Thena (tower of the royal family), the Luar-Gelthena (tower of the Goddess), and the Luar-Shamora (tower of wizardry). All other towers either belong to various guilds, wealthy families, or important orders. The city has no roads, only wide paths, some of which are paved. Horses are allowed to graze in open fields, and Sheleilin roost in the huge trees that surround the city. Beyond its borders are thousands of anorath; familial manors built high in the boughs of the ancient trees in homage of how the gods live in Arvanis. The outer city is bordered by two narrow rivers, the Eol-Myrvarin, flowing South-West, and the Sul-Myrvarin, flowing North-East. The city is built upon a place where the land shifts dramatically. To the west the land descends southwards, but to the east the land descends northwards. A narrow cliff running along its westernmost border grows ever taller the further north it runs, marking this shift in the landsape. For this reason these two forests run so close together but never meet. To the East are the orchards, thousands of fruiting trees and bushes that feed the many residents of this city. Shey-Tishan, in square miles is larger than any other city, spreading nearly a hundred miles across, but its population is far less than most major Duneimen cities. To outsiders Shey-Tishan would seem a city without order, a maze of paths and gardens seperated by various artfully built structures that seem to have no purpose, but to the Gelvani the city is a perfect representation of their life. Each family is self-reliant and yet the society as a whole comes together in work and play. They share what they need and only trade and sell for what they want. There are no truly poor amongst them, only those who are truly wealthy. If there is a dark side of the city, is the homes of the outcasts. Thieves, and other non-violent criminals are cast out to live in small houses set on the earth at the base of the western cliffs. They are not allowed to join in societal work or play, and are left to tend their own small orchards. They are only guarded from entering the city, and otherwise have freedom to leave at any time.

Realm: Mirivia
Ruler: The Quel-Thena officially rules the city, but in truth the Quel-Thanor has primary control of the city through various magistrates. This is his role, as she rules the realm.
Royal Family: Korianthil family
Populations: The size of the town or city, and an average size (see Population Sizes). Also, notes about changes in population that occur regularly.
Crest: The symbol of the city. Usually a flag or banner.
Religions: Gelvani Gods
Races Tolerated: Fey
Alignments: The general alignments accepted and tolerated within the city. Explanation of how these play into the community.
Major Products: A listing of the most important products produced within the city and local region.

Pathfinder Settlement Statistics
AL Type
Corruption +0 ; Crime +0 ; Economy +0 ; Law +0 ; Lore +0 ; Society +0
Danger +0; Disadvantages


Population: (? duneimen; ? bamorians; ? folkin; ? duervar; ? half-elves; ? fey; ? other)
Notable NPCs


Base Value 0 gp; Puchase Limit 0 gp; Spellcasting ?th
Minor Items ; Medium Items ; Major Items

Armed Forces:
City Guard: A description and general size of the city guard, if any.

Standing Army: A description and general size of the standing army, if any.

Knights: A description of the various knightly orders within the city.

Defenses: A description of the city's defenses.

Laws and Customs:

A listing of important laws and customs unique to this city. Remember that some and customs laws are applicable to the entire Realm. There will not be a listing of laws and customs that are expected.


A description of the architecture commonly found within the city, and specifics on unique styles.

Places of Importance:
Quarters of the City:

Castles and Keeps:

Administration and Government:

Guard Houses and Barracks:

Temples and Shrines:

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Nobility and Aristocracy:

Priests and Prophets:

Merchants and Craftsmen:

Minstrels and Bards:

Heroes and Legends:

Villains and Monsters:

Local Geography:


A listing of places in and around the city. Some will be large areas (forests, fields, mountains, lakes, plains, etc…) and others will be very specifc (groves, streams, ponds, caves, hills, etc…).

Local History:


Ancient Past:

Recent Past:

Myths and Legends:

A listing of legendary events and mythical tales told by the peoples. These may or may not be true, so wouldn't necessarily be part of history, people or current events.

Current Events:

An explanation of what is happening right now in the city. This will be the most commonly updated section of the city description.


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