Shimmer Wind

Shimmer Wind
Sword of Balandria The Bright
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


+6 Epic Silver Short Sword of Brilliant Energy
The blade of this silver short sword of gelvani make and duervan design has been transformed into light, although it still weighs as a short sword. It always gives off light as a torch (20-foot radius). The sword ignores nonliving matter. Armor and shield bonuses to AC (including any enhancement bonuses to that armor) do not count against it because the weapon passes through armor. (Dexterity, def lection, dodge, natural armor, and other such bonuses still apply.) The weapon cannot harm undead, constructs, and objects.


This blade was crafted by a gelvani weapon master and Queleshan for the duervan princess Balandria The Bright for the aid she gave them in the second Orog’Khan.


Requirements: Craft ????, spell1, spell2, ; Cost ?,000 gp

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