Shrunken Head Of The Magi

Aura: powerful necromancy CL: 7th
Slot: none ; Price: 27,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


The witch-doctors of a few primitive cultures practice a form of dark magic. They have learned and passed on many dark secrets. One such lore is the ability to extract magical power from the remains of a spell-casters’ brain after death. The very idea is often horrifying to wizards of “civilized” cultures, and only the most vile, evil and unconscionable dark wizards are willing to make use of such an enchanted item, much less attempt to learn the process.
The creator of such a horrific device must take the complete head of a wizard within moments of his death, remove the skull, and extract the brain. The brain is then soaked in a specially prepared solution and then returned to the head, which is then shrunken.
A Shrunken Head of the Magi still maintains its power to store prepared arcane spells within its dried husk of a brain. Any arcane spellcaster can draw upon its power, though it rarely leaves its creators hands. Not quite as powerful as the wizard from which it came, a Shrunken Head of the Magi can store prepared spells as a wizard of four levels lower. The caster prepares the spell as normal, but instead of storing it himself, he takes hold of the head and attempts to store it within the brain of the dead wizard. He must make a concentration check (DC 15+ spell level) with success meaning the spell was successfully prepared with a Shrunken Head of the Magi. Failure means the spell preparation failed. The head can hold as many spells as a wizard of that level could prepare (4 levels lower than the wizard’s level at death).


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, ???,???,???; Cost gp

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