Human Racial Traits

All humans have the following
standard abilities:

· Medium Size: As Medium-size creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
· Human base speed is 30 feet.
· 1 extra feat at 1st level, because humans are quick to master specialized tasks and varied in their talents.
· Attribute Bonus: Humans are quick to adapt to their environment. Due to this each sub-race of humans has a list of special, “human only” attribute modifiers from which they may choose one. These traits may only be taken at character creation and only those that are listed for that sub-race may be chosen. The characters may also optionally use their bonus human feat to buy another one of the attribute modifiers for their sub-race (though not two of the same modifier).
· 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level, since humans are versatile and capable. (The 4 skill points at first level are added on as a bonus, not multiplied in; see PHB Chapter 4: Skills).
· Racial Feats: Each race of humans has a list of feats specific to their race that they and they alone have access to. Some are restricted to be being bought using the free human feat upon character creation, while others may be bought with later feats.
· Racial Skills: Each sub-race of humans has a list of skills specific to their race that they may take as “class-skills” despite whatever class the character takes. If a character did not develop in his own culture he may still take these skills as if they are “class-skills” when he is exposed to them, as it is part of his natural tendencies.
· Automatic Languages: See PHB P. 12.

Each individual sub-race of humans also has its own special abilities

· Skarrel Feats:
The following attribute modifiers are specific to Skarrels and one may be taken for free at character creation. The free feat gained for being human may also be used to buy another modifier (though not the same one), but only with this free feat: Healthy (+1 Constitution), Muscular (+1 Strength)
· Racial Skills: All Skarrels have access to the following racial skills: Knowledge (Nature), Wilderness Lore
· Racial Feats: The following is a list of feats from which characters of this sub-race may purchase with feat. Those that are marked with a * can only be bought with the free human feat at character creation:
Highlander (+4 to Wilderness Lore checks in Highlands, moores, mountains, hills and fields.)
Clan Weapon (+1 to hit with the chosen weapon of the clan, proficiency with this weapon even if it is an exotic weapon)
Bard’s Tongue (+4 to Perform checks with musical arts)
Animal Spirit (The character picks one animal with which he has a natural connection. He gains Wild Empathy with that type of animal and a +4 reaction bonus with all animals of that type or a similar type).
· Automatic Languages: Lojar. Bonus Languages: Verosian, Sylvan, Duervan, Valderann, Bamorian, Lacertu, Orcish & Darktongue. Skarrels only know the languages of those races that they might come in contact with.
· Favored Class: Any except Wizard or Monk. When determining if a multi-class Skarrel suffers an XP penalty, his highest-level class (that is not one of the above) does not count (see PHB P.56). Skarrels are a barbaric race of people and wizardry is the work of witches and demons. Even sorcery is feared, though not unheard of. Skarrels have never been exposed to the martial arts or the philosophical ideas of monks and so do not adjust to it easily.

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