In the holy lands of Old Camus has arisen a new Kingdom. From the remnants of the ancient realms devoted to Thamor, the Church has been reborn. The light of Sora, the Holy Kingdom of Thamor, shines in this age of darknes; devoted to law, order, truth, justice and all that is good. Sora is a beacon of hope at the heart of a dark continent.

Continent: Lohar (aka Old Camus)
Banner: A blue field with the Silver Sword of Thamor running down its center, piercing two interlocked silver rings.
Capital: Kingscrest
Government: Theocratic Monarchy; The High Lord of the Holy Crown is also King
Ruler: High Lord William Greyven
Religion: The Ronan Church
Population: Median Realm; Sparsely populated.
Major: Duneimen-Verosians (Soran, Ronan)
Median: Duneimen-Verosians (J'Miran, Moarik, Ganniards), Folkin
Minor: Bamorians (Damorel), Duervar (Bormdravar, Duumdravar)
Cities and Towns: Authbrig, Gilcrest, Glaston, Ironcrest, Kingscrest, Lochshire, Silvercrest, Swordsgate
Trade: Agricultural, Production
Primary: Horses, Livestock (Cattle), Mining Products (coal, copper, gold, iron, lead, precious stones, silver, tin, zinc), Agriculture (tallow, timber, honey, wax),
Secondary: Food Items (salt, wine) Textiles & Fabrics (cotton, linen, wool; embroideries, tapestries, velvet), Manufactured Products (armor, art, paper, clocks, dragon’s-breath, jewelry, weapons)
Aristocratic Titles: King & Queen, Prince & Princess, Count & Countess, Viscount & Viscountess, Lord & Lady
Allies: Bamoria, Casillian, Moar
Neutrals: Gand, Rona, Kamora, The Skarrellands, Mikania
Enemies: Parthus



The Kingdom of Sora was established only three decades ago, after the fall of Rona. It was originally a series of Duchies covering Old Camus that served the Royal Crown, but after the Great War with Parthus and the death of the High Lord of the Holy Crown (Leader of the Order of Thamor), the Triumverate collapsed. The nobles ceased to recognize the authority of the Church and the Magi became feared and blamed for the downfall of the kingdom. As inner turmoil began to pull at the seams of the old kingdom the Order of Thamor had its own inner struggles. With the High Lord gone and no heir named, three individuals began to argue for the right of the crown. The General over Tharthin and J'admir claimed sovereignty on the grounds of tenure, but the majority of the Order in Old Camus (where the order was now the strongest) supported General Greyven as the new High Lord. The General of Camus (and all surrounding lands) claimed his sovereignty based upon his control over the Temple of the High Lord. As these three Generals began to bicker for control of the Church the nobles seized control of the Kingdom. A new king was named and he declared the Church to be a separate entity from the Royal Monarchy, but still beholden to it as any servant of the Kingdom. He then declared that his royal right as king was to name the next heir of the High Lord's Crown. He named the General of Camus. This outraged the mass of the Order who neither supported the new king or the new High Lord. In fact, all of Old Camus saw this new Monarchy as corrupt and unbefitting the support of the Order.
The Dukes of Old Camus, most of whom were Knights of Thamor, met in council in Ironcrest and decided to declare their emancipation from Rona. They cited a difference of religious and ethical principles as their main grounds. Not surprisingly, the new King of Rona made no attempts to retain Old Camus or battle the separation. Hence it was that a new Kingdom was formed, named Sora, and the Order of Thamor became its Theocracy. They dubbed General Greyven as their King, and bestowed upon him the title of High Lord of the Holy Crown. Unfortunately he does not bare the ancient crown that has been passed from High Lord to High Lord since the birth of the order. It is still held in Camus, where the General there has claimed the title of High Lord. Eventually Tharthin and J'admir formed an allegiance, splitting from Rona to form Moar. At that time the Order of Thamor there swore its fealty to High Lord Greyven in Sora. This has put even greater pressure on the Order in Rona to turn over the crown, but they still refuse to step down.
Since its separation from Rona, Sora has grown rapidly. Having already been well established as a series of Duchies unified by the church they easily formed a new kingdom. A new capital was built and only recently has it appeared complete. Kingscrest is set on the shores of Loch Greyven, formerly Loch Relnor (the Skarrel name) and boasts a grand castle that serves as the seat for the High Lord of the Holy Crown. Despite its strained ties with Rona the two Kingdoms still depend on each other for shared resources so trade still occurs. Authbrig is the Kingdom's only port city, so it serves as the point where all such interaction occurs.


Sora is an Oligarchy, ruled by the Order of Thamor, a militant branch of the Ronan Church. The King is the High Lord of the Holy Crown, ordained by Thamor. The High Lord selects the Lord-Generals and they select the Lord-Marshalls and in turn the Lord-Captains. The Realm is divided into Duchies, with various Lords within that region.

The Monarchy: The King is always the High Lord of the Holy Crown of Thamor. He is the leader of both the Church and the Kingdom. They are one in the same. He rules from the city of Kingscrest, which was built specifically for this purpose. The King's wife is the Queen and his children are the Royal Princes and Royal Princesses.

The Dukes: The Dukes and Duchesses preside over large stretches of land surrounding each major city. The duchies are ardently loyal to the King and only serve as a structure by which to rule. Officially Dukes are appointed by the King (High Lord) and are most often selected from the Lord Generals or Lord Marshalls in that region. In some cases the Dukes and Lords are secular nobles, having maintained that title from the time of Ronan rule. The standing law of succession is that any secular Duke or Lord can pass their title and land by inheritance to their eldest living son. If there is no such heir, though, the land and title become the domain of the Order of Thamor. The High Lord may then appoint a new Duke or Lord, but this is not an inheritable title. The land remains in the posessions of the Order and the Title is one of duty, not priviledge. Still, the High Lord has the right to grant land and wealth, and that may be passed through inheritance to the next generation. Thus, it is common for a newly appointed Duke to be granted a land inheritance. Any time there is a secular Duke or Lord, the Order appoints a Lord of the Holy Crown to stand as advisor and representative of the Church and its power in that region.

The Order of Thamor: The Order of Thamor is the power behind the throne. The King is the High Lord of the Holy Crown, and the term King is actually used very rarely. He is usually called the High Lord. The High Lord is served first by Lord-Generals of the Holy Crown the Order. There are two Lord-Generals in Sora, one in Rona, one in Gand and one in Moar. Under each Lord-General are the Lord-Marshalls of the Holy Crown, who presides over the order in each duchy. In Sora, the Lord-Marshalls are are made Dukes. Beneath each Lord-Marshall are the lesser Lords of the Holy Crown who maintain their own small order of Knights if they can maintain a temple. In Sora lesser Lords of the Holy Crown are considered Lords by the people and are given land as part of their title. There are other Lords, of course, that earn their land and title as part of their inheritance. In Rona, aristocracy is still based on birthright, and so not all high ranking Lords and Marshalls are automatically land owners. In Gand, land is also passed through succession, but not so formally as in the Aristocarcy of Rona. Ganniards may attain nobility by action or by wealth. In Moar the church has the least power, and so the Order of Thamor is almost considered a seperate entity.

Current Ruler:
High Lord William Greyven of the Holy Crown
(H/M/LG/ 27th Lvl: 12 Pal, 10 Knight of Thamor, 5 Ftr)
King Greyven is the first king of Sora. He is the son of the last Duke of Northport in Rona, but gave up that title long ago. He was raised to be a warrior but when he fled from his home he joined the Knights of Thamor. He went on to establish Gilcrest, in Northern Old Camus, and then joined in the war against the Kurvarge. Through this and the Great War with Parthus he attained the rank of Lord-General of the Holy Crown over all of Old Camus. After these wars, Rona became more and more corrupt and this led to a schizm in the church. It was decided that Old Camus should become the center of the Church of Thamor and the Order declared its independence from the Royal Kingdom. A new realm was formed under the control of the Church, and it was named Sora. General Greyven became High Lord Greyven and was named King of Sora. His title is still contested in Rona.
King Greyven is in his late sixties now and though still very fit and handsome he is battle-worn, showing his age heavily. His black hair long ago turned silvery gray and his thin beard frames a very stoic face. He is usually dressed in the traditional garb of the High Lord, black clothing with a white tabard emblazoned with the Holy Symbol of Thamor. His crown is not the famed Holy Crown of the High Lord, but it is a handsome circle of gold with sapphires, emeralds and rubies set upon its brow.

Major NPCs:

Queen Kathlan



(GG/M/LN/ 33rd Lvl: 20 Wiz, 10 Queleshan, 3 Epic Wiz)


Old Camus was primarily populated by the Skarrels, but when Rona began recolonizing the land many peoples from all over Verosia migrated here. Hence, many bloodlines have populated Sora. Despite this, the majority are humans of the Ronan and Skarrel stock. These two cultures have mingled some in this time but are still very distinctive. The other humans who have come here have also been mingled into this culture.
The Skarrels are not the only race native to Old Camus. Duervar live in the mountains that encompass the land, and are actually more populous here than in Verosia. However, they only trade with Sora and do not consider themselves members of the Kingdom. Despite this many of them are found residing in the human cities and towns.
There are also Gelvani in this land, though they tend to be more reclusive. The Sylvana-Gelvani claim a vast stretch of forest in the North East as their home, calling it Sylvanmyr. The almost extinct race of elves known as the Weylifin are also from this land but they are only wanderers now and very rare to find. Other Gelvani who come to this land are only visitors, but half-elves have become very common here. Those of half-human and half-elven blood have often this land to be more tolerant of their kind. The only enmities held for the Gelvani in this land are from the Skarrels, who simply do not understand them.
There are many Gnomes native to this part of the world. They live in the forests, hills and mountains in small family units and occasionally move into the human towns.
The Folkin are not native to Old Camus but some have crossed the seas to farm this fertile land. Most have come with wanderlust in their early years, but only a very few have stayed.
Bamorians often trade at the port city of Authbrig, and some have come to live in the large city. Very few, however, wander into the heart of this land.
These are the races in the land. Though humans are the most populous, the Duervar, Sylvana-Gelvani, Half-Elves and Gnomes are fairly common. Folkin, Bamorians and other Gelvani are seen but are only few in number.


The Kingdom of Sora is a strict theocracy. The Order of Thamor rules and the Church of Thamor has divine might in the land. All those who live in Sora are expected to worship the Thamorian Divinities. While the religion allows for the belief in other gods, it sees Thamor as the one god above all. For example, while it is not believed that Thamor rules over the Gelvani Gods, it is believed that the Gelvani Gods aren't as powerful or as important as Thamor. They are simply the "other gods". On the other hand, if the Order turns its angst against a specific religion it will often demonize the deities of that pantheon. Hence, gods that seem immoral or particularly cruel are considered Demon Lords.
The Thamorian Pantheon has many deities common to other human Pantheons. Naeja is still the mother of the Gods and Aminus is still the creator, but Thamor is the ruler of the Gods. In this religion Memnik is a Demon Lord who is constantly struggling to usurp Thamor's power. Because of this the Church of Thamor is fairly wide spread, with only minor differences appearing from culture to culture. The Skarrels worship the same Gods but see Naeja and Kalrik as the rulers of the pantheon, with Thamor and Memnik as only warriors, each on one side of an ongoing conflict.
Most other human religions aren't tolerated in this land. However, the religions of other races are treated with indifference. The gods of the Goblinoids are viewed as terrible beings who must be destroyed, but are not worshiped as Divinities of the Thamorian Pantheon.
Since the King is also the High Lord of the Holy Crown, all governing forces are considered a hand of the Church. The Knights of Thamor are the ultimate law in the land, and chivalry and honor are considered virtues of incredible importance. While temples exist to the many gods, almost all of them are minor in comparison to the Cathedrals of the Order.


Magic has a strange place in this society. Wizards are not seen as particularly evil, but then again they are not particularly trusted. Magic, by its nature, is blasphemous, but those who wield it are not necessarily demonic by nature. Hence, the church looks down upon magic and sees it as a form of heresy, but because it is tolerated the church makes no actions against its practitioners.
Thamor states that Wizardry is man's attempt to be greater than what he was created to be. Magic is the force of the universe, which the Divinities have ultimate control over, but that mortals can try to manipulate. The gods do not hate those who wield magic, but they watch them very closely. Those who over step their bounds will often find themselves feeling the wrath of a being who has true mastery over these forces.
Sorcery, on the other hand, is viewed a very differently since the ability to wield magic innately is a trait one is borne with and not an attempt to learn the secrets of the gods. This can be either good or bad. Those who can innately wield magic must either bear the gifts of a Divinity or be the spawn of a Demon Lord. Since most of those who have this ability aren't sure under what category they might fall, it is up to the local populous to decide. If a Knight of Thamor has developed his latent ability to draw upon the natural forces of the world then he is gifted by the gods. If an old crone who doesn’t care about the gods and lives in a crumbling cottage in the dark forests is able to summon monsters with her natural powers than she must be the spawn of a terrible fiend. It is best in this land that sorcerers keep their abilities to themselves.
Wizards, on the other hand, have established some schools in this land. Though they are very few in number, the people tolerate them as long as they are outside of their cities and are not creating a lot of trouble. However, if something strange happens it is usually the wizards who are first to be blamed. Because of this, there aren't any great schools of wizardry. There are a couple towers far out in the wilds were a few Wizards gather and train apprentices, and there are a couple wizards within a few cities who might take an apprentice. Otherwise, if one wishes to study Wizardry in a great college, they should travel to Moar.
Gelvani and gnomes are some of the few beings who have no fear wielding their magics in public. They are not human and therefore its "natural" for them to wield magic.


Duchy County Seat Old Camus Realm
Gaethal Authbrig Authbrig
Greyven Gilcrest Drakmorden
Dunengall Swordsgate Skarlok
Duchy of Kirk Kingscrest Kirkley
Duchy of Kamus Ironcrest Kamus


Major Cities
Authbrig Only major port city
Kingscrest Capital

Minor Cities
Swordsgate Once the main fortification seperating the Ronan lands from the Skarrells.
Ironcrest Holy City of Thamor
Lochshire Lake shire town

Glaston Green Town

Adler'Kell Adler on the Forest
Aethansbridge Ethan’s Bridge
Aigerton Silver town
Aldingsford Alding’s Ford
Attenashe Village Village at the Ashe Tree
Aylswell Alys’ Well
Baulk, Greater
Baulk, Lesser
Bridgeton Bridge town
Bryonsfield Bryan’s Field
Caibreton Caibre’s Town
Carn'Keylly Carn in the Forest
Clearwater located on a clear pond
Coramoor Crow's Moor
Covil’s Green Covil’s Field
Cwenwell Queen’s Well
Deloren A town settled by people from the Ganniard town of Oren (means "of Oren")
Domnhall’s Bluff Ruler’s Bluff
Drakmordan Dragon's Moor town
Ecklindburgh Ecklind's burial place
Florna Floral town, Ganniard named
Foxburn A hillside named for a fox being seen there
Fullwether A town that sees regular bad weather
Glenairigh Folkin village in the hills and glens.
Graythorne A town at the mouth of Graythorne Pass
Greyscove Town on the Cove of Grey
Hardenwell Brave Man’s Well
Hardington Hill Brave Man’s Hill Town
Helmsford Protector’s Ford
Hildonbridge A town where a battle was fought for a bridge
Hraevensbrook Ravens Brook
Huntersford Hunter’s Ford
Kestrel's Bluff Birds of Prey Bluff
Kingscross Kings cross roads
Kipperton Salmon Town -a river town where Salmon are fished
Lanbyrton Long Farm Town
Leyton Wood Town
Llynton Ley Lake Town by the Wood
Maedeway Meadow Road
Marshalston Marshall’s Town
Mercwell A well for trade
Merritton Boundary Gate Town
Merton Town on a lake
Millers Mile A mile long stretch where mill workers have settled.
Morcant Sea Circle
Morigand Morigan's Town
Morley Green Marsh Clearing Green Field
Myrrdin Sea Fortress
Orsryckfield Orsryck’s Field
Prestley Priest Clearing
Riverbourne Bourne of the River
Roan'Abbey Horse's Abbey
Stormhale Storm Retreat; a well protected city on the coast south of Drakmordan
Thornbyr Thorne Farm -a place where thorned vines grown in the fields
Witchaven Supposedly a town freed from the witches that once resided there

Napierton (A town that makes Linen)


Fe'Ores Ilean The Warrior's Island
Mheid Ilean Far Island
Ard Ilean Tall Island
Dearg Ilean Red Island
Creagach Ilean Rocky Island
Thiar Ilean Western Island
Thoir Ilean Eastern Island
Ilean de Cogar Island of Whispers

Isla'Cuevarro Island of Cuevarro (Referring to the famous pirate Cuevarro De'Carrdi)
Isla'Galtori Island of Galto (Referring to the famous explorer Galtori De'Vaasquez)
Isla'Aderro Island of Death
Isla'Inferno Infernal Island


Mountainous Terrain
Emerald Cliffs Great cliffs amidst verdant forests, north of Kingscrest
Graythorne Pass A pass between two ancient mountains west of Loch Grevyen
Morgarbhill Great Rough Hill
Tomanfirth A burial mound for ancient Skarrell heroes

Bowersfen Bowyer’s Field
Kempley The Warrior’s Clearing, a vast field north of Kingscrest marking a place where a great war was fought
Nanwyk’s Grove Nanwyk’s Grove
Plains of Wind A vast plain of tall grasses, said to be haunted by the ghosts of an ancient war.

Drakenmyr The Dragon Wood
Foraduum Forest Mountains
Fiamyr Deer Forest
Lodanymyr The Water Wood, a branch of the Drakenmyr that encircles Kempley
Marithanmyr The Forest of Marith, an Unseelie Queen of the Fey.
Sylvanmyr Forest of the Sylvana'Gelvani, the Wood Elves
Witherwood Forest of Death, south of Authbrig, north of the Garaduum, The Gray Mountains, a Duumdravar territory.

Aeowyn's Falls Falls between Loch Greyven and Loch Alband
Beag Eaod Little Lake, smallest of the Eaods
Ciaptha Eaod Haunted Lake, haunted by the souls of fishermen who died on it
Eaod Domhain Deep Lake (and Eaod being a round deep lake unique to Old Camus.
Eaod Corcra Purple Lake, named for its dark blue nearly purple coloring
Eaod d'Gaile Lake of Steam, a very small volcanic lake to the east of Tomanfirth
Eaod Leathan Broad Lake, widest of the Eaods
Eaod Natharis Lake of Serpents
Eaod Ollmhor Huge Lake
Fiar'Abhainn The Twisting River
Ionradh Eaod Shining Lake, positioned so that the daylight shines off its surface from far away.
Loch Dread Lake of Dread, was Loch Deireadh Scéal (Lake End Story), but was renamed by the Sorans.
Loch Trinevarn Loch of Three Rivers, Varne being the mouth of a river joining a lake.
The River Vaaish The River of the Dead, Skarrels who died of old age were sent to float down.

Brothers Hold Ruins of an ancient castle
Calanlee Ruins of an ancient castle
Normindar Keep Located north of Silvercrest


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