The most recent race of Verosians are the Sorans. About two hundred years ago the Ronans returned to the land of Old Camus to repopulate their ancient homeland. The people they encountered there were a barbaric race of tall and robust humans called the Skarrels. As the Ronans spread over the land they began to take Skarrel wives and husbands. Though war broke out between them often it was inevitable that in time the Ronans would gain a foothold and the Skarrels were forced to move south to lands they were more strongly established in. Still, they continued to mingle and by the end of two centuries the settlers had become a distant culture of Verosians. The people of this land had always been very strong followers of the Church of Thamor. Old Camus is heralded as the birthplace of the religion and many immigrated here as a pilgrimage to their holy land. When The Great Kingdom of Rona fell,

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