Magic is the power of the universe. It is the very stuff of creation and it courses through all things living and inanimate. The deities are beings of incredible power with total control over certain aspects of magic. There are also creatures of the world that have some power over it, such as dragons, who can wield arcane magics innately. The mortal races are not normally so attuned to magic that they can wield it without great effort. It normally takes great study and skill, or the assistance of a divine being. Sorcerers are the exception. Their magic comes to them as part of their natural being. They are more in tune with the powers of the universe and so they have easier control of them. Though they must still learn to focus their power, and often this means studying the knowledge of wizards, sorcerers do not need spell books, scrolls or intense rituals to focus to do so. Sorcerers are the progenitors of wizardly magics. They learned how to focus magic, because it was part of their being, and some wrote it down. Other mortals picked up what they had written and tried to learn it themselves. Through thousands of years some have developed the skill of wizardry, and that is how other mortals learned to bend their wills against the power of the deities and control the magical nature of the world.
Sorcerers are not uncommon in the world of Naeja. They can be found in almost any society or race, and are seen in many different lights by all. They are least common in bamorian, duervan and hobgoblin societies. They are very common amongst the ogrek and gelvani, who seem to all have this natural talent in their blood.
In many cultures their abilities are considered a mark of evil. Some say they gained these powers by being of the ilk of some demon, or by making pacts with evil lords of Infernus. In other cultures, though, they are considered exceptional people whom should be revered. Very few sorcerers take on apprentices or establish orders. Such groups rarely succeed due to the great differences in their abilities. However, in the desert city of Kal-Mikan, there is a society that has devoted itself to studying and mastering the power of sorcery. They are the Kai-itani, and they seek to record their skills and teach others who have the ability to master it.

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