Great King of Old Camus from 1100-1115 N.C.; monarch for whom Sora is named; gained prominence in the ancient histories by being counted among the foremost dragon-slayers and is named as the driving force behind the First Dragon Crusade.

Sorik is first mentioned to us as a minor king from the northern frontiers of Old Camus, a follower of Thamor, a member of the nascent knighthood dedicated to that god, and a slayer of dragons. In time he came to be counted as the greatest of that fellowship, a man of true nobility and honor. Following the ascension of the church of Thamor in Old Camus, the many kings of that realm swore allegiance to him and Sorik thus became known as the first of the Great Kings.

Sorik moved his capital to now-abandoned Shay-Shilorn, a magnificent city that had been built by the the wicked Weylifin-Gelvani, fell elves who were allies and consorts to dragons. Not soon after, however, the Weylifin returned, and, in spite, destroyed Shay-Shilorn while he was away. The destruction and chaos that ensued was used by Sorik's cousin and sole true rival, Ramsor, to launch a rebellion from the southern realms of Camus. During their final battle, King Soric was slain by his rival, who in turn took up kingship.

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