Craftsman (Expert)

My idea for this is to limit all "sub-classes" to a progression that maxes out at 5th level.

Whether an illiterate Craftsman or an high-born Aristocrat, the idea of a sub-class it to represent someone who has not enjoyed advanced, formal training/education.

Thus, an Adept is a hedge-wizard or a witch with a modicum of sorcerous (or priestly) ability, but lacking any innate talent or real training.

A commoner is the lowest type of uneducated serf.

A craftsman is a village smith whose knowledge is limited on what little experience and technique available to his village.

A warrior is a member of a local militia that receives rudimentary knowledge.

How does this translate?

A warrior, for instance, never gets an extra attack.

A craftsman can make things (weapons, equipment, etc.), but he can't make Masterwork equipment (well, if he does Take Twenty I guess he can… but you get my point).


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