Thalassa Typon

Thalassa Typon
The Spear of Endymeris
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


+2 Fire Bane Spear of the Deep with Flame Extinguishing and Improved Swimming
Fire Bane: Against creatures of the Fire subtype this spear gains a +2 enhancement bonus (to +4) and deals an extra +2d6 damage.
_Of the Deep/ Improved Swimming: The bearer of this spear is treated as unarmored for the purpose of swim checks and gains a continuous +10 bonus to all swim checks. The bearer can breath underwater, can dive to any depth without suffering from crushing pressure, and rise to the surface at any speed without suffering any side effects. The bearer can speak with any water-breathing creature with a language.
Flame Extinguishing: The Spear can extinguish Medium or smaller nonmagical fires with simply a touch (a standard action). Extinguishing any larger fire or magical fire requires the expenditure of charges. The spear has ten charges, which are renewed daily so long as the spear is doused completely in water for at least one round.
The spear can extinguish a Large or larger nonmagical fires, or a medium or smaller magical fires (such as a flaming weapon or burning hands) by expending 1 charge.
Continual magic flames, such as those of a weapon or a fire creature, are suppressed for 6 rounds and flare up again after that time.
To extinguish an instantaneous fire spell, the spear must be within the area of the effect and the wielder must have used a ready action, effectively countering the entire spell. When applied to Large or larger magic fires -such as those caused by fireball, flamestrike/ or /wall of fire - extinguishing the flames expends 2 charges from the spear.
To extinguish dragon’s fire breath, the spear must be within the area of the effect and the wielder must have used a ready action. Extinguishing the flames expends 3 charges from the spear. Anyone struck by the breath weapon before the spear is still affected, but those behind the bearer should be unaffected. Choosing to do this causes the bearer to forgo the saving throw for half damage he would have otherwise received.
If the spear is touched to a creature with the fire subtype by making a successful melee attack, the rod deals 6d6 points of damage to the creature. If just attempting the 6d6 a touch attack may be attempted. This use requires 3 charges.


The legend had spread far and wide; a tale of a terrible dragon in the northern reaches of the Tharaduum mountains. From the Steel Peak it had laid waste to all the lands surrounding; belching its fiery aspirations upon fields and forests, villages and farmlands. Vogt was what they named it, those moarvik horse peoples of the north, and Dimvagath was the name the Mikrandos gave it, when it destroyed their great hall and drove them from their mountain home. But the moarvik people called him Vogt, for he dwelled in flame, he breathed it and was ever consumed by it. Many great men, mighty warriors whose name and power are still passed on today in their homelands had gone to face the dragon, and all were lost to it. Thus its infamy grew by each life it took. It was in this time that Endymeris, whose name means "He who dives into strife", had landed upon the Parthian Shores with his army of golden cloaked warriors. Endymeris bore a spear granted him by his mother, which he called Thalassa Typon, which means “Sea Striker”. Endymeris was also granted an army of devout followers. They crossed the Karpoforos fields, sacking and looting, and turned north when they reached the mountains. He was in the lands now called Keir when he first heard of the dragon, and his set his mind upon slaying the beast. Leading his host of men west, they followed ancient mountain passes, fought off ambushes of men and kalikantzari, thwarted the evil spells of Nkrinanyos, and survived the rock slides thrown down by vouno gigantes. Finally, they came upon a great lake and saw the steel peak across its dark waters. Here the Mikrandos came forth to meet them, and Endymeris told them that he would slay this dragon. They took him around the lake where he could look upon this mountain and showed him that what earth was exposed from the ice bore no cavern large enough for the dragon to emerge from. Then he told them to bring him to the foot of the mountain where it met the water’s edge, where the great glacier was already icing the lake over. Here he stood and threw off most of his armor, his golden cloak, and his great shield. Holding only his spear, he called out to his mother, Hathonae, who had gifted him the spear, to bless him and grant him victory; and then leapt from the boat, smashing through the ice. He was gone long but when almost all hope was lost he burst through the ice. He told them he had found a great cavern beneath the glacier that rose high into the depths of the mountain. He believed this to be the dragon’s lair and so he swam its depths, and though he went alone and never returned a story has arisen of what transpired there beneath the rock and waves.
Endymeris dove into the depths of the lake and swam deep, down into darkness and yet he had no need for air. Finally before him he saw a great cave entrance and he swam beneath the cliff and up into a vast chamber. Emerging from the water he climbed upon a rocky shore and the only light was that bluish-green ambience given off by the spear. Then flame engulfed him, but he drew forth a wall of water to cast aside the flames and strode forth to face a great dragon who rose from the darkness. Fire and water collided, steam and smoke filled the chamber. The warrior drove his spear forwards, battling the great beast. The dragon clawed and snapped, and belched fire. Finally, though, the warrior prevailed, his spear buried in the dragons gullet. It fell to the ground, but with its dying breath it belched forth a noxious cloud of ash and sulfur that burned and choked Endymeris He climbed through the failing light, seeking the water, but it was useless. He fell to death and darkness. Victorious, yes, but ignominous in his death.


Requirements: Craft ????, spell1, spell2, ; Cost ?,000 gp

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