Power: GG
Alignment: LG
Pantheons: Ronan Pantheon
Titles: King of the Gods, The Divine Throne
Domains: Good, Honor, Courage
Symbol: Golden sword pointing down a golden circlet surrounding the hilt.
Constellation: The Sword of Thamor
Description: Thamor sits upon the Divine Throne at the heart of Sanctues Divinae, in the Eternal Paradise. He is the King of the Gods in the Ronan Pantheon and rules with both wisdom and might. Thamor is a god of good, espousing courage and honor, chivalry and virtues. He is the ultimate knight, defending the weak, destroying evil, and elevating what is good and righteous in the world. He is devoted to the law, and believes that good can be maintained within its boundaries. He promotes peace, while advancing wars to defeat the forces of evil and tyrrany in the world. As King of the Gods, he commands those who serve him, but usually only does so when circumstances demand it. He will not stand for cruelty, greed, hate or unwarranted violence. Those who exemplify these behaviors he casts out of his presence, and demonizes them his followers. Thamor is married to Reahnyn, and with her has two sons, Kaladon and Kharthamus, and most recently a daughter.
Appearance: Thamor appears regularly in dreams and visions to his worshipers and priests. He always appears as a strong and powerfully built man with a thick white beard, shoulder length curls, and steely blue eyes. He is forever donned in glorious mithril plate armor that shines as if reflecting the light of day and is etched with the images of the thousands of knights performing their most glorious deeds done in his name. He bears a tall silver sword, usually held with the blade at his feet, which is surrounded in a halo of light emanating from the cross guard. He dons a royal blue tabard set with his holy symbol in silver and golden trimmings. He wears no helmet, a symbol both of his fearlessness and his trust of his son, Kaladon's ability to guard him. Thamor is often depicted with his sons on either side of him, one holding a shield and the other a hammer.
Personality: Thamor is good at heart, pure in virtue, and slow to anger. His fury is most often wrought when a faithful worshiper betrays him or when an evil deity moves against his own people. He has no qualms about those loyal to him dying, especially in his service. They will receive their reward in a blissful afterlife. He is kind, though reserved in his generosity. He believes no one can appreciate what they have not earned. Thamor believes in humility, though he himself is often prideful, being King of the Gods. He exemplifies honesty and integrity, espouses morality and monogomy, and rewards generosity and piety. However, Thamor promotes honor and courage above all other virtues, and looks for these traits in those he will grant his greatest blessings.
Powers: As god of good, Thamor is able to remove evil from the heart of any mortal being he touches. Since he can not enter the Mortal World without violating the laws of the universe he can only do this when those who are evil come to him, either by their own will or being forced to by another. Thamor can also cure any madness, steel any fear, tell any truth, and know any wrong. Once each day, Thamor can intervene on behalf of one true follower, using his powers as he sees fit. The chosen individual must be acting in Thamor's name, following Thamor's tenants, and be unquestioningly faithful to Thamor in every way. He uses this sparingly, as he prefers that his followers make their own way and rarely receive help.
w/Reahnyn: Kaladon, Kharthamus, Thamor's Daughter
w/mortal woman: Elliam Lairdsley
After life: Thamor grants an eternal and blissful afterlife to those who are devoted to him.


  • Cu'Dilain: * This black hound has always been with Thamor. He is the symbol of loyalty, a constant companion. Cu'Dilain is usually resting at his master's feet, but as a hunting hound, guard dog, and traveling companion as needed. Though he can not defend Thamor in the way Kaladon does, he will stand his ground against any opponent, warn his master of impending danger and willingly sacrifice himself if needed. Cu'Dilain's bite can kill any Deity of Intermediate or lesser power, and any Titan of Greater or lesser power.

The Chosen:* Twelve quasi-deities and demi-gods granted their power by Thamor.

Worshipers: (short group names) description of worshipers
Worshiper's Ability: When prayed to, Thamor grants one of the following benefits:
1/Round Ability:+1 Divine Bonus to attacks and damage vs. evil.
1/Day Ability: Protection from Evil, as per the spell, 10 rounds.

Spell Domains:
Favored Weapons: Long Sword
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG
Clergy and Temples:

Knights of Thamor

The Gods
Ronan Pantheon

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