Mighty Tharaduum, mountains of thunder. Greatest of the remaining Duervan realms, it is ruled by Duumdravar whose grand fortresses crown many of these mighty spires.

Continent: Southern Verosia
Banner: A silver hammer against a black field over a silver horn.
Capital: Mordradak Hall
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: Thain
Religion: Duervan Pantheon
Population: A classification of Population Sizes based showing both the range of population and the average population. This is not an exact number due to the severe variance in population inherint to war, famine, disease and cataclysmic events.
Races: A listing of the races commonly found within the realm.
Major: Duumdravar
Median: Bormdravar
Minor: Gnomes, Bamorians, Keldravar
Cities and Towns: A list of the largest or most important cities in the realm.
Products: A list of products produced by the realm.
Primary: Those products that are of great significance to the overall economy of the realm. These are commonly also trade products.
Secondary: Other products produced within the realm that aren't significant to the economy but are of important note.
Aristocratic Titles: Thain (King), Drogin (Lord), Stelgar (Marshall), Dregar (Warrior), Byrjyr (Initiate)
Allies: Listing of other realms considered allies of this realm, meaning that they would likely go to war to defend this realm if necessary.
Neutrals: Listing of other realms that are on relatively even terms with this realm, meaning that they would likely neither provoke war with this realm nor join it in war against another realm.
Enemies: Listing of other realms that are on very bad terms with this realm, and would likley go to war against this realm if reason enough presented itself.


A short explanation of the realm and its most important aspects.


A short background of the realm, how it came about, the troubles and prosperities it has seen, and other important historical events.


A description of the government, its members and other important things to know about the structure of the government and law.
Current Ruler: The name, description and a brief history of the current ruler.
Major NPCs: The name, description and breif detailing of the current major people in the realm.


A short decsription of the different cultures and races within the realm, how they vary from those met in other realms, and anything uniqut about them.


A short write up on how religion is treated within this realm, and the major religions that exist.


A short write up on how magic is treated within this realm, and the major organizations, if any, that exist.


Major Duervan Halls
The cities of the Duervar are referred to in name by the great "Hall" of the Thain who rules that city.

Minor Duervan Halls
The small underground cities that are built around a central stronghold, citadel, temple or even duervan mine are also called "Halls", though the duervan lord who rules them is considered a lesser Thain.

Mines, Strongholds and Outposts
Sometimes duervar construct mines, strongholds and outposts that do not have cities develop around them. They are not ruled by Thains and often answer to the nearest great Thain around their parts.

Thaladrim's Forge at Midraduum

Dunlands simply means the "Down Lands". Often duervar have small villages and towns the grow at the foot of their mighty mountains. Here duervar could live alone or mingle with other races. Any town built at the foot of a mountain by the Duervar is called the "down" (suffix -dun).

Imbardun, at the foot of Styladuum where lie the ruins of Imbar's Deep


A description of the land mass upon which this realm is built.

Islands A listing of islands near this realm that either consider themselves part of that realm or are closely tied to it.

Landmarks A listing of significant geographical landmarks within the realm.

Ruins There are many ancient duervan halls, strongholds, temples, citadels and even villages that were destroyed or overrun in ages past. Below is a list of these ancient places that are known. Many more are still lost to the Duervar, after the Age of Ice.

Imbar's Deep

Map A thumbnail of the map for this realm, linked to a larger map.

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