Power: DG
Alignment: N
Pantheons: The Parthan Order
Titles: The Master of Hunters, the Far-Darter, the Horse-Lord
Portfolio: Bowmen, horsemen, hunters, wilderness guardians
Symbol: A bust of a horse with crossed arrows behind it
Description: Tharos (THAH-ross) is the son of Ariston and Polynikia. He is the paragon of hunters, the greatest archer ever, and a stellar rider and breaker of horses.
Appearance: Tharos is young and impetuous looking. His chestnut hair is unusually long, somewhat wild, and garlanded with wild flowers and laurel leaves. He resembles both his parents, possessing Ariston’s bronzed skin and Polynikia’s facial features. He is lean, yet well-muscled, and walks with the grace of a lion. His eyes are usually narrowed, as if surveying the distance.Of all the Parthan deities, he is the most likely to appear in mortal form and influence the affairs of those he takes a shine to.
Personality: Seemingly aloof and loner-like, Tharos is in fact a trickster of sorts. He has little patience of the machinations of the Parthan deities, and prefers instead to spend his time in the company of mortals. He values his independence and does not easily accept the counsel of others.

History/Relationships: Tharos spends little time among the gods and their infighting, seeking instead the thrill of the hunt. He loves both his parents, but sees himself as his own man. He neither wishes to be an agent of change, like his father, nor does being a soldier for Memnos, like his mother, strike him as a pleasing prospect. He holds Kraetis in disdain and delights in antagonizing him whenever he can, but knows better than to challenge him directly.

Tharos cares for his cousins by Myrrha, but he does not necessarily subscribe to their tenets and thus rarely participates in their ventures.

Among the world of beasts, it is said that Tharos is most favorably disposed toward horses as a species. His grandfather Strathose created him a cloud-white steed that can run faster than the wind and sprouts feathery wings to soar through the air. It is because of his love for horses that Tharos actually despises shock cavalry combat. In his eyes, respect for one’s mount is ultimately best expressed through the javelin and the bow, which serve the cause of war without bringing harm to the steed itself.

After life:

Worshipers: Tharos is prayed to, first and foremost, by hunters. Younger, male Parthans in general turn to him, but typically do so in secret—to aid them in one scheme or another. There are very few actual priests of Tharos in Parthus, but hunting lodges always have a shrine devoted to him, and those who share in his activities remember him in their offerings.
Worshipper's Ability:
1/Round Ability:
1/Day Ability:

Spell Domains: Animal, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapons: Bows of all kind
Cleric Alignments: CN, N, LN, NE, NG
Dogma: Man was placed on Naeja to prosper. Learn from nature, embrace your surroundings and prove your superiority through your native cunning and skill-at-arms. Respect your prey as you would those who would prey on you. Revel in the thrill of the hunt.
Clergy and Temples: Tharos’ shrines are found in hunting lodges, horse ranches and near popular wilderness hunting spots. Hunters offer libations and sacrifices to him—of incense and wine prior to the hunt, and of portions of the kill after it. Many, if not most, of Tharos’ priests are powerful rangers—peerless hunters who seek out and slay the greatest of the beasts of Parthus.

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