The Bamorian Realms

Bamorians prefer to build at the base of great mountains, in valleys or on rocky shores. They aren't much for agriculture. They keep goats, raindeer and other such hooved livestock, but otherwise they live off the sea. They keep their cities well defended, though to an outsider it may not seem so, as their primary goal is to protect people and not property. Their most distinctive architectural feature is their tall domed temples with many ornately decorated levels carved from various stones, often times set out in vast valleys or up high in tall mountain crags. They do not like living underground and most homes have an open ceiling over the primary living area.

The Bamorian realms are limited primarily to the Bamorian Penninsula where their greatest two cities are located; Bamoria and Kadoria. This great mountainous piece of earth justs out into The Sea of Dragons in the south and forms the western heights of the xxxx. Along its western borders is a great canyon where once a mighty river once flowed from an ancient glacier long since gone. To the north east of this land is the Cauldera, a huge and terribly deep hole in the earth, filled with a massive lake. The Bamorians claim it was formed when Galur the Elder Earth Titan was slain there. Their northwestern border is the only trek traversable by land. It also is the beginning of the Ogre Kingdoms. Bamorians often cross the great plains here to invade the homelands of their ancient foes.

Bamorians have in only the last few centuries expanded beyond their realm. They have created settlements in both human and duervan realms, in cities, mountains, and upon ancient shores. These are often small, as Bamorians tend not to expand their population too qukcly.

The Ubradar have settled in a great northern kingdom called Ubaragom. They fought long and hard, traversing the great distance through hostile lands to reach the icy tundra far in the north bordering the great glacier. Here they settled and established a strong fortress. Though constantly at war with the Ogres, the Ubradar Bamorians have managed to develop a powerful northern realm.

Finally, the newest Bamorian relam is Valdoria, a settlement beyond the tall Volstadt Mountains of southern Moar. This land was given to them by Rona, though the duervar of Tharaduum hold that it was not theirs to give. Despite this the duervar and Bamorians get along very well, living in the same region but sharing little of the same resources. Valdoria is growing quickly.

The Bamorian Realms are:

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