The Cliffs Of Tears

These cliffs run from just north of Authbrig, all the way to the Straights of Lohandar. Only a few times do they dip down to sea level and not for long. They are called the Cliffs of Tears because in the ancient times of this land when war was common, women who lost their husbands in battle would often throw themselves into the sea from them. The Castle is set on the highest of these cliffs and the most tragic of such stories involves the highest balcony overlooking the sea. It is said that the lady of the castle watched her husbands boat battle another at sea from this balcony. Her husbands boat was burned and sunk into the sea and when the last flames died and no small oar boats fled the scene, she knew he must be dead. She threw herself from the balcony and landed on the rocks below, but the fall did not end her life. As she lay dying a man emerged from the sea and took her in his arms. It was her husband, the Lord of the Castle. He had swum the entire distance and had only barely survived. His injuries from the battle were terrible but if he had sought out a healer just then he may have lived, but instead he chose to stay with her until she died in his arms. He died only moments later as he had waited too long. It is said their spirits still haunt the rocks beneath the castle.

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