The Dragonslayer Chronicles

Book 1 Return of the Dragons' Sword
Synopsis: An unlikely collection of adventure seeking heroes join the righteous cause of a Priestess and her Knight in seeking the lost sword the first Holy King of their faith. What they discover will forever change what they know and maybe what they believe!

Book 2 Rage of the Dragons' Queen
Synopsis: Dragons live again! And, our unlikely heroes are now the only ones who have the means to face them. The Weylifin, a race of fallen Gelvani who have mingled blood with a dragon and his offspring, have pitched a battle against the Duervar in an attempt retake the lands once lost to the Duneimen Dragon Slayers. When our heroes intervene to aid the Duervar they draw down the anger of the Weylifin queen an she comes in full force to defeat them in the walls of their own castle.

Book 3 Wrath of the Dragons' Goddess
Synopsis: The Weylifin have been freed from the tyranny of their Dragon Lords, the Duchy of Ironcrest has been saved, and our heroes have become lords and legends. As they plan for their futures, others plan their demise. The Dragon Goddess Arithax has vowed vengeance on the dragons slayers. However, they are forewarned by the servant of another dragon deity, Mithrus, who also serves their own god. Our heroes must go beyond the veil of the eternal realms, and seek out Arithax to destroy her before she can destroy the world.

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