The Duervan Creation Mythos

In the beginning, Aminus created the flame, and from it came heat and light to fill the void. Into this fire he threw metal, which became hot and malleable. He set it upon the forge and threw his hammer against it, causing great sparks of blazing metal to fill the darkness. He worked the metal into a great sphere and then he put half the flame into the heart of the sphere and the other half he set above it. He then drew earth and water from the ashes around the fire and set them over the face of the earth, which he chissiled into a form he felt pleasing, and he called it the World. He forged many other works, and set them in the sky around the World, but none were as glorious as his first creation.

Aminus then created three Elder Gods from all these elements: Elgar, Naeja and Loran. Each came into the world and claimed parts for themselves.

Elgar flooded the world with fire and water, air and earth, and revelled in the chaos he created. The world was warped and broken and Aminus' work was ruined. It became a great earthen thing covered in magma and water, filled with air and fire; violent and chaotic, with huge volcanoes, tumultuous seas, roaring winds, and massive earthen mountains; as chaotic as the Elder God that saw its making.

It was from this chaos that the first Titans were born. Four Elder Titans he created to rule over his domain. They were beings granted nearly total control over the primal aspects of their element: Galur, Elder Titan of the Constant Earth; Amal, Elder Titan of the Everburning Fires; Ciel, Elder Titan of the Bellowing Winds; and Morda, Elder Titan of the Raging Waters. The Elder Titans battled with each other and so terrible chaos reigned. They also laid with each other, but their emotions were as chaotic and passionate as their spirits. Hence they bore forth children as chaotic and emotional as themselves, the Greater Titans.
Galur and Amal bore two sons: Lojandar of the Mighty Earth and Anvurgar of the Terrible Flames. Morda and Ciel bore a daughter, Muran of the Deep Cold Seas, and a son, Sturmgar of the Stormy Skies.
Then Amal laid with Anvurgar and from their union was born Zorith, first of the Titan Lords. Amal then laid with Lojandar and so was born the second Titan Lord, Vornakar.

Loran saw this chaos and despised it, preferring an orderly world, and so he took command of the stars and moons and set the universe into motion. The elements began their orderly convergence, and the chaos was quelled. Time became the driving force of creation and the celestial bodies fell into place. So also did the world begin its eternal spin.

Finally, Naeja came to calm the world and bring the elements into balance so that her vision of a natural world may become reality, and there would be life. So it was that she cooled the magma and calmed the seas, she turned the earth to soil and poured rains over the land, forming fresh rivers and lakes. But, Naeja did not do this alone. Instead she created the Elder Gods to do this work, and they in turn would create their own children to aid them.


As the World cooled, Naeja created four Greater Gods to hold dominion over it, and protect it from the Four Elder Titans.

First she created Magmodin, who was granted command over the earth and fire, and was bidden to bind these elements into new and beautiful forms. He began by calming the great volcanoes on the land, and controlling those in the sea so that they would form great islands. He ground the earth to soils, and raised great mountains to capture the clouds so rains came upon the land and filled the great basins he created.

Then she created Vald, who was granted command over the skies and seas, and was bidden to temper the weather, to calm the storms and control the seasons.

Then she created Gelthena, who created the first life upon the world, great forests and fields that grew in the soils and thrived on the rains, and her children created the animals of the sea, air and land.

Finally she created Orwyn, who created the Fey who dwelt amongst the forest and fields, and who in turn created their own beauty and glamour and lived in peace with nature.


In the beginning, the Titans ruled the world and it was a place of raw elements and chaos. Thus began the Age of Titans. But then the gods forced the elements to calm and mend together, creating the seasons and gifting the world with flora and fauna. Nature was in perfect balance. But the Titans saw this “blasphemy” and sought to undo what the gods had done. They drew upon the raw elements and began to raze the natural world.

Seeing her world failing, Naeja turned to Magmodin, her first son. His realm was Visvaduum a great mountain with massive caverns beneath. His children were forgers of the earth and great craftsmen. Being a god of wisdom and law he could not let her world be destroyed by the chaotic Titans. Magmodin sent out his first sons; Morak, The Titan Slayer, Morddradan, The Mighty Mountain King and Osidan, The Flame Hearted. The Gods and Titans clashed upon the Mortal Realm. Thus began The First War.

Elgar saw the power of these great warriors and so commanded that the Titan Lords be born. The first Titan Lords were Zorik, son of Amal and Anvurgar, and Vornakar, son of Amal and Lojandar. Zorik had been killed by Kalrik, who was the son of Sturmgar and Naeja. Elgar, angry with Sturmgar’s betrayal bade him to father two Titan Lords, so he laid with Ciel and she bore him Strathose, Titan Lord of the Clouds; and he laid with Muran and she bore him Olginthoth, The Titan Lord of Ice. Ciel then laid with Lojandar, and bore Buldergar, Titan Lord of the Hills and Cliffs. Then Lojandar lay with Muran, and she bore him two children; Larnax, Titan Lord of the Seas, and Gulatak, the Earth Shaker.

Vornakar was named the Titan Lord of War and lead the other Titan Lords into war. The Greater Titans and the Titan Lords overwhelmed the children of Magmodin. Hence, Magmodin commanded Morddradan to draw forth two sons from the earth; Balderak, who rose from the caverns and would forge steel and the great Rune Weapons of the gods, and Belderak, who was most loyal and stood guard over his brother while he forged. With their new weapons the tides of war swayed in the favor of the Duervan Gods.

Then Muran lay with Strathose and bore him Fogharim, a Lesser Titan who could draw the clouds from the skies and blanket the earth so as to hide the Titans from their enemies. And Muran lay with Buldergar and bore him the Lesser Titan Asheba, who would stalk the Duervan Gods as they tread through her forests. Muran also laid with Olginthoth and bore him the Lesser Titan Isen, who froze the seas.
Gulatak often shook the earth, and this drew to him Silrithia, daughter of Morda and Ishobel. She took the guise of a beautiful Titan woman and seduced him. From the union was born Ungar, a Lesser Titan who was terribly deformed and filled with hate. Ungar lusted awfully and when he was rejected by the female Titans he turned his attention to Asheba. She was not as strong as he, and he overtook her, and Asheba bore Sylvurgar, whom she raised. Sylvurgar was as silent and deadly in the forests as his mother, but was shorter and malformed.

Buldergar saw the strength of Silrithia’s children and desired his own offspring, so he came to her. She bore him two Lesser Titans. Behim was strong but was also a greedy thief. Ferim was strong but had a love of the earth and growing things and would rather farm than fight a war.

Thus it was that the first Lesser Titans were born. And many more were born, and bred amongst each other and so it was that the world was ovewhelmed with hundreds of Titans, and when one fell another was soon born to take its place.


So many Titans now walked the world that the Duervan gods, who -though great- were but few (Morak, Morddradan, Osidan, Belderak and Balderak), were forced to retreat back to Visvaduum, leaving the world in the hands of their foe, who were now greater than ever before. Thus it was that Magmodin emptied the halls of Visvaduum, sending forth all the duervan gods, the one-hundred-warriors; lesser-gods and demi-gods who would wage a war against their terrible foe.


It was then that Elgar commanded that a race of mortals be born that could fight this war. They could be great in number but since they would die they would not dominate their creators. These were the Giants and they came to litter the world and build many great fortresses. Those giants who died in war would have their spirits return to the Elemental Realm from which they came.

Seeing all the giant women, Ungar grew lecherous again, and took many of them. From their union three Mortal Titans were born; Ogden, the One Eyed, Ettinar the Two Headed, and Lacrim the Twisted. They all went on to have giant children of their own.

The Duervar


The Ardruvar they were called; 100 mighty warriors who were neither immortal like their creators nor mortal like their children. Eternal were they, but they could be slain, and in their war that raged for over a thousands years almost all of them were. One of their greatest battles, it is told, was against the Elder Titan called Galur, Lord of the Quaking Earth. Many died, but Lohar joined the battle, and aided in the destruction of Galur. When the battle ended Galur's blood mingled with that of the fallen Adruvar and sank into the earth, filling it with precious ores. Lohar then taught five of the Ardruvar the secrets of the earth and they became known as the Stone Lords.


There were 100 Ardruvar warriors. All were male and all eternal. When the Titans were believed to be defeated there were less than a dozen of them remaining. The Mordravar then forged for them women who would be their brides. They and their children became the first of the Duervar.
Sheer numbers were pushing the Duervan gods back, and Magmodin knew it was time for a new course of action. Magmodin commanded Balderak to set work upon his forge and craft the most perfect race of mortals possible. When Balderak was finished he brought the cast to Magmodin who approved it. Magmodin turned to Naeja and offered to set this race upon her world to slay the Giants if she would give them life. Naeja agreed and so it was that the Duervar were born.

Morddradan gave them the mountains of the earth. Magmodin gave them wisdom and taught them law. Balderak gave them the knowledge of forging and Osidan gave them fire for their bellows. Belderak taught them of loyalty and gave them the duty of guarding the earth. Morak taught them of war and showed them how to wield mighty weapons to slay their foes, the giants. Those who died in the service of their gods would be given an afterlife amongst the gods in the Eternal Realm called Visvaduum, Mountain of the Heavens. Those rare few who die in dishonor are returned to the earth to be reforged.

The Duervar battled the giants with such ferocity that they quickly drove them to the far fringes of the world.

The Duervan Empire
Thus ended the Age of Titans and began the the Duervan Empire. The Duervar built great kingdoms beneath the earth and connected them with massive tunnels and caverns. The Titans continued to strike at their unbreaking foes, but Lojanrar (the Titan of the Earth) was indifferent to the smaller race and cared not for the commands of the Elder Elemental God. Lojanrar rested and let the Duervar live within the earth undisturbed.

It was during this time a few Duervan mortals were chosen by Magmodin to join the gods. The first was Kulderak, who would be the God of Ancestors, History and The Divinity of Mortals. Then came Adramor who is Goddess of Wealth, Gemcutting and the Sky. Noraki became the goddess of Community, Arts and Trade.
The Duervar ruled the World of Naeja for millennia, but they did not seek to explore her forests, fields and oceans. Instead they chose to live under the earth and keep that as their home.

The war went on until most of the Greater Titans were defeated, but the Duervar had not yet defeated the Elder Titans.

The Age of Ice
One Titan finally raised the strength to challenge the Duervan Empire. This was Olginthoth, Titan Lord of Ice. He created a terrible glacier, called Thothgald, which spread from the north, down and over the entire world. It split the earth and sundered the Duervan Empire. Thus began the Age of Ice. Snow blanketed the world and only the most endurable plants and animals survived. Isen, who froze the seas, fathered the Nordil, the Ice Giants, and they marched upon the Duervar. The Duervar were paralyzed by the terrible cold and were forced to retreat into the earth. The harsh cold grew worse over the centuries that passed and eventually the great glacier descended over most of the world. The ice split the earth and collapsed many of the Duervan Halls. In those dark times the Duervar of different strongholds could barely communicate with one another, and eventually, over mellenia, they began to forget even where all their great halls had once been.
The Duervan Gods battled the Titans as often as they could, but the Ice Age hindered them greatly. Eventually Magmodin came to his brother Vald and asked his aid in battling Isen and the Nordil. Vald agreed and joined Morak, who led a great army into the icy reaches of the north where they battled Olginthoth together. In the end the Children of Naeja were victorious, and Olginthoth was frozen into the very ice he had commanded. Isen and the Nordil retreated into the heart of Thothgald, to a place called Nordilheim.

It would be over a millennium before the Ice would recede. Though the Nordil were driven back into the frozen north, the Age of Ice had taken its toll, sundering the Duervan Empire.

The Vengeance of Elgar
As the last of the glaciers of the Age of Ice receded the Duervar began to emerge from their strongholds. They once again encountered the giants and had to fight them for dominance over a world now uncontrolled by any God or Titan. In this Age of Chaos many Duervan heroes were born. One such hero became legendary. He is Dorak Battlecry from Baraduum.
When his children were defeated Elgar was furious. He tried to open gates to the Elemental Realms so the denizens of his worlds could invade the World of Naeja and destroy it. Dorak battled the hordes of elementals to their very source and closed every last gate. When Dorak sealed the final gate he was granted a place amongst the gods as a reward. Dorak became the God of Truth, Justice, Pride, Honor and Courage.

The New Era

The Titans Reawaken

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