The Duneimen Realms

The Duneimen are a varied and sundry race that has spread across the world rapidly. They adapt quickly and have settled in verdant lands and stark deserts, coastal regions and high mountains. There is no land the Duneimen cannot reside upon, when they put their ingenuity and resiliency to it. However, the greatest realms have grown in areas where the land is verdant or there is great access to trade routes.

Though the Duneimen realms are as varied as their cultures, most civilizations are centered on great cities. Here the Duneimen construct various networks of buildings and roads tightly confined to protect them from forces without. Nature is often secondary to their needs, with farms and other food producing methods beyond the city walls. They prefer to build upon rivers, lakes and coastal regions, but not always.

There are 10 major Duneimen Realms and many smaller communities across the world:
Parthus/ Parthus - Revised
The Skarrellands

Note: Keir was once a Duneimen realm but was overtaken by the Barukar.

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