The Eternal Paradise

The Eternal Paradise is a beautiful Eternal Realm that is the home of the Gods of Good within the Ronan Pantheon. For worshipers of the Ronan Gods, it is accepted that this realm is outside the mortal realms.

At the center of this realm is a high verdant mountain whose rounded summit is crested with an infinitely huge palace. There is no sun here, but the sky is always a sapphire blue and the world is bathed in morning light. There are many tall and beautiful stone structures; castles, amphitheatres, temples, bath houses, etc…. The architecture is defined by huge marble pillars and gold toned stonework, with vast arches and structures with open ceilings and walls. This suggests there is never foul weather and there are long, perfect white stone roads that transverse these many small collections of buildings. Vast gardens, fertile planes, rolling hills, and pristine lakes fill this land. Three rivers divide the eternal paradise into three great fields, with four features to each field. Amidst these fields are three gardens.
The entrance to the Eternal Paradise are The Golden Gates of Eternal Salvation, through which all living and dead must pass to enter the realm. These golden gates depict Thamor riding into war with his sons at his side. These gates lead through a great mountain pass, that some say is at the foot of the Duervan mountain realm of Visvaduum.
Beyond the pass are The Fields of Petition, where all those who worship the Gods spend their afterlife in eternal bliss. The fields seem to go on for eternity, save a verdant mountain that rises from the horizon that is clearly covered in vast golden palaces. Two rivers border these fields, flowing from waterfalls cascading down the mountain. These are the first of three great fields, separated by the rivers.
The next are The Fields of Sacrifice, where Holy Warriors who die fighting for their faith are honored.
The last are The Fields of Honour, where Knights who proudly present their peity at Tournaments and die having served Chivalry, Honour, Justice, Courage and Valour are given a place where their Virtues are honored.
Amidst these fields are three great gardens. The first is The Garden of Plenty, set between the Fields of Sacrifice and the Fields of Honour. This is a place of eternal fruition where denizens of the Eternal Paradise can wander orchards and fields of luscious fruits, find fresh herbs and plants, and hunt the abundant wildlife running freely through the fields.
The second garden is The Garden of Resplendent Serenity, which lies between the Fields of Sacrifice and the Fields of Petition. Here those who lived or died by sacrifice find an afterlife of gentle repose and perfect calm. Those who lived the self-sacrificing lives of Monks and Nuns often go here, and so too do all who died for their religion rather than renounce their faith. It is said that when in this garden a soul can remember no pain or moment of sadness or displeasure in life.
The third garden is The Peaceful Gardens of Spring’s Dawning. This is set between the Fields of Petition and the Fields of Honour. Here it is eternally spring and all the garden is filled with plants and trees blooming. Wildlife frolicks as if it were the new year just freed from a long season of ice and snow. This garden is a place for pacifists to reside when they have died. All the Priestesses of Reahnyn find their way here in the afterlife. No weapon may enter this garden nor may any injury be suffered (all are healed of any wound or natural disease who enter).
At the foot of the mountain, above this garden are The Redeeming Springs of Renewal. These miraculous spring waters emerge from beneath the mountain and flow into the rivers that pour from the mountain side. These waters can heal any wound, can resurrect any body, and can even (supposedly) redeem any soul.
At the heart of all of this, rising from the fields and gardens, beneath the perfect sky, and from which the three great rivers flow, is the Mountain of Paradise. This great verdant mountain towers high, but is covered with palacial work. The summit of the mountain is literally crowned by a huge palace of golden stone, mithril workings, and alabaster marble. The rest of the mountain is covered with shrines, temples and the palaces of the gods. It is in the upper palace that the Gods can be found, the Divine Palace.

There are four great chambers within this magnificent palace. The first is The Belssed Court, where all petitioners and even mortals may present themselves before their deities. Here the gods pass judgment, establish laws and dole out rewards and punishments.
The second chamber is Sanctues Divinae or “The Sanctuary of the Divine”. Here only those with the divine spark may enter and stay. This includes Deities, Devas and Saints. It is a palatial paradise, though the denizens of this realm, like any other, can go freely to and from this place. It is a place for them to rest and converse in peace.
The third chamber is The Hall of the Gods. Here only the gods may tread, and it is the place where they serve their duties as deities and make their decisions without the presence of others.
Finally is The Divine Throne, the focus of all divine authority. A perfect golden light that can almost blind anyone who looks upon it, casts down from above on this great marble throne. It is so blinding that it is nearly impossible for even the divinities to look upon. Here is seated the Lord of the gods, Thamor. Only the god who rules over all the others in these realms may sit here. No one else may ever sit in this throne.
Beyond the fields and gardens the land descends ever downward until it reaches its borders. Sometimes this is at the edge of a vast dark forest, which may lead into Arvanis (The Gelvani Realm), in some places it meets long deep rivers, and in some places it meets the sheer cliffs or rocky slopes of ancient mountains, which could be Visvaduum. Yet still, in other parts it meets the shores of Vas-Eternus, The Eternal Sea. The closer one comes to approaching these borders the thicker grows the Ethereal Mists that separate the eternal realms.
The Eternal Paradise is ruled by the god Thamor, and all the divinities that reside within it are on at least amicable terms with him.

The 12 Realms of the Eternal Paradise:

I. The Golden Gates of Eternal Salvation
II. The Fields of Petition (All worshipers)
III. The Garden of Plenty (Clerics and Parishioners)
IV. The Fields of Sacrifice (Crusaders & other Holy Warriors)
V. The Garden of Resplendent Serenity (Nuns, Monks & Martyrs)
VI. The Fields of Honour (Knights)
VII. The Peaceful Gardens of Spring’s Dawning (Pacifists & Priestesses of Reahnyn)
VIII. The Redeeming Springs of Renewal (These waters cure, resurrect, and redeem)
IX. The Blessed Court (Where anyone can stand before the Gods)
X. Sanctues Divinae (Sanctuary of the Divinities, only the divine may enter: Devas, Saints and Deities)
XI. Hall of the Gods (Private Sanctum of the Gods, only Gods may enter)
XII. The Divine Throne (Only the King of the Gods may sit here, Thamor)

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