The Fey

The Fey, also y Tylwyth Teg (the fair folk), are the childreon of Orwyn and Aralyn. They include many different races who originated in the Atheria, and now also reside in the Mortal Realm. They are part of a greater category of Children of Naeja called the Atherians, all of whom have eternal souls.



*The Six Kinds of Fey:*
Fey are truly remarkable beings. No two Fey are truly alike. Each have their own extraordinary powers and unique characteristics. However, there are six kinds Fey, which all Fey usually claim kin to.

The Tuatha'de'Anwyn: These are the people of Anwyn, for they are most like her in both features and demeanor. The Tuatha, as they are usually called, are tall (about the height of a duneiman), and beautiful, with thin Gelvani like features embelished with Fey traits (sparkling skin, very tall ears, pastel eye colors, and sometimes even faerie wings). The Tuatha are the noble rulers of the Fey, being the first and most powerful of all their kinds. They have extraordinary powers of glamour and are truly aristocratic in manner. Upon the Atherial realms they had vast kingdoms to rule over. When forced to flee Adinnion, those who did immediately began establishing their own kingdoms and quickly found other races were not keen to share with them. They have lived in hiding most of their existence, and the few that do come out are often mistaken for Gelvani. The Tuatha are noble to a fault, though also capricious and mirthful. They are, in fact, often so contrary to themselves that people think them mad. Perhaps they are, for it is claimed that upon coming to the mortal world they were somehow afflicted with a madness that they may never overcome. The Tuatha wage a constant war against the corruption, called the shadow, that overcame Morwyn and so many other Fey.

The Coblynau: These are the Fey of the earth, who are closest to Orwyn in both features and fancies. Amongst them are the Gnomes, Knockers and Grunderling. The Coblynau are usually very short, with exaggerated features, and often have facial hair. They love the earth, digging and mining. Most live with burrows, caverns, or mines. Some are solitary and others live in small communities. They are greedy by nature, cherishing baubles and gems, and often crafting and forging various objects and jewelry. However, they are also often kind and good humored. The Coblynau are some of the most commonly found Fey, for they are most likely to mingle with duneimen, gelvani and duervar. They usually despise the water, though, and are rarely found near it. When first leaving Adinnion some hid in Duervan mines. They became friendly to the duervar, warning them of dangers in the mines by rapping upon the walls with their picks. Thus these particular Colbynau were called the Knockers.

The Bwbachod: These are the Fey that often called "household spirits". They are usually small and prefer to live in cohabitation with others. They seem to be lazy, not working for their own support but rather moving into the homes of others, eating and drinking whatever they can take, and otherwise living off the hospitality of their host (whether freely offered or not). In exchange, though, they often aid the home in unexpected ways. They may leave out a bit of their wealth when the host is down on their luck, or finish chores when no one is around (such as at night). They've even been known to come to the defense of the home and family of the host when it is endangered. Unfortunately the Bwbachod are also easily offended, having a strict ideology that dictates their efforts be shown great appreciation in very particular ways. If those manners are violated they may leave or even curse the host. They include brownies, sĂ­odhbradh (changeling), and lepracaun. The origin of the Bwbachod explains their personalities. They were household servants of the Tuathan'de'Anwyn before they were forced to flee Adinion. They were born into service, but for them it was a natural state. They lived in the castles of the Fey rulers and served them in whatever way was needed. Each had his own duties and as such they didn't expect to serve in any other way. The castle was as much their home as it was their ruler's and they defended it fiercely. Upon fleeing to the mortal world they had to learn to adapt. Upon discovering the Folkin they quickly found a place. Some Folkin were kind to them and welcomed them. Others were not, and so those Bwbachod hid amongst them, stealing from them but aiding them in other ways. The Folkin eventually developed many superstitions about these "household spirits" who seemed to either cause them no end of trouble or help them in their greatest time of need. Some of their kind mistreated their hosts in the worst ways. Folkin infants were taken and replaced with Fey infants who had the power to change into the appearance of the baby stolen. These were the Siodbradh and they grew up as Folkin but would discover early in life they had special powers. Eventually their people would reveal themselves to their lost brethren and offer them a chance to rejoin them. These types of events are very rare today. It is believed that the few folkin that demonstrate the talent for sorcerery have the blood of these fey in them.

The Ellyllon: These are the Fey that are often called "faeries". They are usually tiny, and live within forests, groves and glens. They are much like Anwyn in their appearance and love of nature. In fact, it is from the name ellyll that the word "elf" was derrived, which was then erroneously attributed to the Gelvani. Ellyllon are strongly connected to the natural world, and most of their powers are derived thereof. They usually have ephemeral wings, long sharp features, and are strikingly beautiful. The ellyllon are most likely to hide from other races. They usually prefer to live in peace and solitude, though some have become warriors. They include the Pixies, Sprites, and Quicklings.

The Gwragedd Brynnwn: These are the Fey of lakes, springs and streams, who are most closely connected to Byrnlynia. They are usually tall, for Fey, and live in or near the water. They often become spiritually connected to the body of water they choose as their dwelling. The Gwragedd are always female, beautiful, and have watery skin tones. They use glamour to hide their homes or transform their features. The latter they do to woo mortals who wander near their homes. They are dramatically emotional beings, and often express these emotions in unexpected ways. They love fiercely and if they seduce a man, or even capture him by glamour, they will believe it is true love. If the man frees himself from her, she will be wrathful. It is simply part of who they are. Many have found love, though, and married a mortal man. They are wonderful at bearing secrets, and most who marry a mortal never reveal their true nature. If they are unable to marry, though, their desire to have a child will become overwhelming. In these cases they will go to a Bwbachod to trade for a mortal child. The Bwbachod will steal the child and replace it with a siodbradh. They include the Korrigans and Nixies.

The Gwyllion: These are an airy mountain dwelling fey who is most closely connected to Morwyn. They are beings of mostly light and shadow and rarely take a physical form. They include the Wyll (a.k.a Will-o-wisp), and the Gwyllon (a shadowy hag like woman who tries to confused those who wander mountain paths). It is said by other Fey that once they were guides to those lost in the Atheria, leading people home safely, but when Morwyn was corrupted most of them were as well. They still retained the power to attract, but they turned that power to a malevolent means, causing wanderers to get lost and fall to their deaths on steep mountain trails. The Gwyllion are the most enigmatic and unfathomable of the Fey. They are also the rarest.

Fey Playable Races:

Coblynau: Gnomes, Knockers (18 inch tall miners), Grunderling (dwarf like gnomes that turn into toads)

Bwbachod: Brownies, Lepracaun, SĂ­odhbradh (changeling; appears as a mortal but has fey powers)

Ellyllon: Pixies, Quicklings, Sprites

Gwragedd Brynnwn: Korrigans (beautify water fey women who try to steal men), Nixies

Gwyllion: Wyll (will-o-wisp), Gwyllon (shadow like hag says "wb!" and misleads mountain climbers)

*The Atherians:*
These are not necessarily "Fey" but are related to them. They may have originated in the Mortal Realm or the Atheria, but exist in both:
Fyreach (Centaurs)

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