The Five Celestial Orders

Tharthin is home to an order of wizardy that has learned from ancient Kamoran Astrologers and even Druids, that the stars control the flow of Magic. These wizards have become Astrolomancers and they have learned a great deal about how to manipulate their magic using the stars. In game terms an Astrolomancer is simply any wizard who takes the Knowledge-Astrolomancy skill and uses it to improve upon their spell casting. There are special feats available to those who have this skill, allowing you to exploit the relationships between the five spheres (five planets moving through the zodiac). The Five Spheres represent the five types of meta-magic. Amongst the Celestial Orders there are five Specialist groups. These Orders focus on one of these spheres, and thus are specialized in a type of meta-magic.

Here is the list:

The Magnificent Order of the Viridic Sphere
Green sphere
Animal symbol: Stag
Meta-Magic: Matter

The Radiant Order of the Crimson Flame
Red sphere
Animal symbol:  Pheonix
Meta-Magic: Energy

The Heroptic Order of the Argent Astros 
Silver sphere
Animal symbol: Serpent
Meta-Magic: Distance and Area
Named after Heroptuh, the ancient Kamoran god of magic.  Herpotuh was an incredible mathematician, creating formulas so complex that they controlled the power of creation.

The Concordant Order of the Golden Star
Gold sphere
Animal symbol: Bull
Meta-Magic: Correspondence and Influence

The Temporal Order of the Azure Eye
Blue sphere
Animal symbol: Fish
Meta-Magic: Time

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