The Gelvani Realms

The Gelvani came to the world many thousands of years ago and settled in the vast ancient forests that reminded them so much of their eternal homeland, Arvanis. Here they planted the acorns and saplings they brought with them and hence brought unto the world trees such as have never been seen in the mortal realm. So began the great forests now collectively called the Gelvanmyr.

Though the Gelvani forests are diverse their realms share common features. Gelvani forests are kept mostly wild, especially nearing the borders of their lands. The forests are thick with ancient growth excepting along designated paths the Gelvani often travel and in the argicultural lands where great groves of fruit and nut bearing trees are harvested. Their communities are usually built along places where water is plentiful, rivers, lakes and streams, but they avoid the ocean shores. They live at one with nature, their towers rising from amidst great canopies of trees, their gardens spilling out into the forests around, and their great structures built around the trees and natural landscape wherever possible. Gelvani do not guard their cities with walls, but rather make use of what nature provides, such as cliffs, valleys, rivers and mountains.

There are five major Gelvani Realms and many smaller communities across the world:

A note on naming conventions:
Names ending in -myr or -yr refer to the name of the forest. This is because at one time each of those realms was part of Mirivia. When the realms devided they retained the name of the forest in which that realm resided. Names ending in -ia are therefore realms named with intention of being a distinctive realm, regardless of the forest in which it resides. Issantia is a realm that resides within a once disputed area of forest, claimed by both Shanothyr and Mirivia.

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