The Golden Axe Of Valdrig Gyldedbyrd

The Golden Axe of Valdrig Gildedbyrd
Aura: powerful transmutation CL:
Slot: - ; Price: ?,000 gp ; Weight: - ;


+4/+6 Epic Titan Bane Throwing-Axe of Returning
Titan’s Bane: +2 enhancement bonus and +2d6 vs. Titans vs. Giants and Titans,
Returning: Returns to thrower in next round just before his initiative, unless the thrower has moved more than five feet. Catching the axe is a free action so long as a hand is free.


Duervan legend tells of a mighty hero named Valdrig Gildedbyrd, who led his people against an army of giants on the shores of Deepening Lake. The Titan Lagmar was father of these cave giants, which held domain over the hills and valleys west of the Stronghold of Imbar’s Deep. The Duervar fought a long and bitter war against them and this came to a head on the shores of Deepening Lake where Lagmar himself stood upon the field of battle. Valdrig brought forth his mighty axe, forged by the god Belderak for this very day. This divine blade, when thrown, would be carried far and strike true, then return unerringly to his hand. Valdrig, it is said, with eyes shinning in rage and golden beard soaked in blood, reared back with his mighty axe and hurled it at the titan. Over and over again his axe slammed into the Lagmar’s flesh, always flying back to his hand, until the titan bled from many wounds. But, Lagmar did not fall, and in his wrath he brought a great landslide down upon the battling armies. Valdrig survived, though, and raising his axe once more he threw with all his strength, and his aim was true, for the axe buried itself into his foe’s skull. Lagmar, stiff as stone, fell back into the vast lake, huge waves crashing against the shore, and sank deep into its depths. The axe never returned to the Lagmar, though, for it had done the deed it was created for. Valdrig lived on for many decades and eventually sat upon the throne of Imbar’s Deep as Thaim of his people.


Requirements: Craft ????, spell1, spell2, ; Cost ?,000 gp

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