The Green Horn Cayrnghla

Cayrnghla “The Green Horn”
This horn is a fancy thing made of a spiraled animal horn with fine engravings and bound with gold wiring and a gold mouth piece. It is green, as the name implies, which makes its origin even more mysterious. There are ancient Druidic writings etched in circles on the horn that say this: (to read: Druidic, or Decipher Script diff 30; Sylvan +5 synergy)

“Sound the Horn of Green and your call we shall heed;”
“Urgent your blow and quickly we’ll grow,”
“Deep and low to bring down the mountain mists”
“Long and high, then thrice for storm’s cry”
“Two bursts of four, whilst calling by name,
a woodland denizen for hunting your game”
“Low then High, twice to rise,
up roots they’ll take, and quickly obey”
“Notes long and deep, like his ageless sleep,
long standing guardian, summoned to life,
limbs creaking, wood warping, ready to fight.”

1 urgent blow (1 action) = Control Plants (3/day)
Deep and low (1 action) = Obscuring Mist (unlimit.)
Long and high, 3 times (full round) = Control Winds (1/day)
Burst of four, call animal name, 2nd burst (full round) = Summon Nature’s Ally III (1/day)
Low then high, Low then High (1 action) = Command Plants (1/month)
The Song of the Treant (10 minutes) = Liveoak (1/year)
-The character must know the "Song of the Treants" which can only be learned from a Treant or someone who already knows it. It takes 10 days of study to learn the song, then each time it is performed a skill check must be made with difficulty 20 to actually use it properly. Failure means another attempt can be made an hour later.

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