The Helms Of Faradak And Thaladrim

Helms of Faradak and Thaladrim
Aura: moderate abjuration, moderate divination CL: 10th
Slot: head ; Price: 63,000 gp ; Weight: 3 lbs ;


Helm of Telepathy, Scrying, and Proof against Detection and Location
These silver helms are masterly forged. Each conforms tightly to a duervar's head, and would be approximately the right size for a human to wear.
Each helm, when worn, protects the wearer from scrying and magical location just as a nondetection spell does. If a divination spell is attempted against the wearer, the caster of the divination must succeed on a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) against a DC of 19 (as if the wearer had cast nondetection on herself ).
When both helms are worn, each wearer may communicate with the other via telepathy, being able to send and receive silent mental messages with the other person.
The wearer may also attempt to see through the eyes of the other wearer, over virtually any distance or into other planes of existence, as with the spell scrying (Will DC 16 negates, reduced by 1 for each additional attempt in the same day).
Note: It is theoretically possible that a wearer, if he had mastered the control of his helm, could drop the nondection ability and by allowing himself to be scryed, force a connection to the scrying device (such as a Crystal ball), by which he would be able to communicate telepathically with the scryer. It is up the GM to determine if this is possible and what skill level and DCs would be necessary.


These silver helms were forged by two great duervan smiths, Faradak and Thaladrim, who to allow them to communicate over vast distances. Faradak went in search of an ancient duervan treasure and never returned. Thaladrim built him a shrine in their duervan hold, and though he tried to retrieve the helmet he was never able to do so. When Thaladrim died, his helm was placed in the shrine. To this day a place remains in the shrine for Faradak's helmet. The helm was found many thousands of years later in the lair of Valgevogt, the offspring of the dragon Vogt which killed Faradak. The quest is now being undertaken to return this helm to its rightful place.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, scrying telepathy, nondetection ; Cost 31,500 gp

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